the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

It is a much healthier lifestyle to freeball than it is to wear underwear. I have done research on both and have yet to find a reason related to a mans health that would benefit from wearing underwear. I have read many people's posts saying that going without is unhygienic but most of them are from women who don't know that germs and bacteria grow better in warm damp areas. 
I have had a father who was in the Marines which basically they give him clothes to wear including underwear. Now here is the funny part they gave him boxers he is not a boxers guy. He is a white briefs guy. He is also large and hairy down there. He hasn't been in the military since he married my mom like 23 years ago so he has put on a few pounds. 
I love my dad very much but he isn't that up to date with fashion so I don't like being seen in public with him. Even though he doesn't freeball, he is partly the reason I freeball. Mostly because I didn't want to dress like him so I started to buy my own clothes and underwear. As I was looking for a more comfortable pair of underwear I came across freeballing and read that it was more comfortable than any pair of underwear. I would have to agree with that so far I have yet to come across a pair of underwear that I have tried that even comes close to the freeballing comfort. 
I have not told any of my family that I freeball even though I think they have noticed the lack of underwear in the laundry this year. Last year I was more careful and every time I took a shower I put a pair of underwear in the dirty clothes. This year I haven't been but I do every once in a while run a few pairs in the laundry just because. Hopefully soon I will have my own place and be able to get rid of my underwear once and for all. And maybe even go nude around the house. 
The only thing that I have noticed around the house is that the guys have been showing more butt crack lately. I think my brother is trying to be more like me because one summer between college semesters I wore basically only boxer briefs not that is pretty much all he wears for underwear. I think he would like to be wearing boxers but my mom is kind of against them even though she didn't care that I wore them when I first moved out at 18. 
Okay now I have rambled on for a while. I am proud of my dad for taking care of us even though my mom did most of it. He still tries to make time for us in his bissy life. 
On a side note I have got a pair of mesh shorts that the inner mesh is falling out so maybe one day I would try to wear those. 
Here's an update on what I have been doing lately I pretty much freeball all the time I have slept naked a few times I also have been trying not to masterbate every night.