the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sleeping naked update!

Well it has been about a month since I moved in and since day one I have sleep naked almost every night. Only 3 times did I have to wear something to bed and that was because I spent the night at my parents house on the coach. My pj draw has not been touched since I filled when I moved in. I have also going from the shower to bed in just a robe and sometime I would have a snack in my robe before going to bed. 
Underwear on the other hand hasn't even been taken out of the box really I packed it to move. The only reason I actually packed it to move was because I was to busy with work to go through it at the time so I just throw it in a box to go through on a later date. 
I do plan on wearing less clothes as the temp goes up to save on cooling costs. But I know this will be hard to do. I have noticed even now on moderate days it gets sweaty hot in the apartment. The said part is I can't sleep with the window open because of the noise of cars driving by and the occasional train. I do plan on having the occasional nude evening when my roommate is working but I haven't tried to yet. 
News on the foreskin restoration I have finally order a tlc-x and hope to have it within the next few weeks. Once it comes I will wear it as much as I can. Other than that I will say everything is going well and I hope that it continues to improve. I plan on going all of May freeballing. It has been over 3 years since I first started freeballing and the challenges that I have gone through to get this far I think would have stopped some people in their tracks. But I pushed through knowing that if I make it to the other side it will be better. 
Last but not least I will be posting photos on the underwear I throw away soon and since you guys are so patient on it I will include some that I will keep for emergencies. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Moved in

Well I have been moving into my apartment and so far I have slept almost every night naked. I have yet to say anything to my roommate about sleeping naked or freeballing. He is slightly overwhelmed with the planning a budget right now but once he gets use to it I think I may ask him about it. I know he wears underwear everyday but as far as sleeping I am still not sure he does go from the shower to his bedroom in a robe though and spends a lot of time with his door shot. I leave my door open most of the time when I am not sleeping so I hope that over time he starts to leave his door open during the day since the only ac is in the living room area. 
On a side note Saturday it was 74 degrees out and tonight it snowed and actually built up some. But that is Minnesota we can have all 4 seasons in one week or less. Which reminds me I read a list on Facebook of all the states which ranked them accordingly by which ones have the worst winters and surprising the number one for the worst winters is Minnesota. I don't know why I people choose to live here through winter but summer is assume with all the lakes. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

I will be moving soon into an apartment

This is a post I wrote on the forum for freeballing and I thought it might be worth sharing here too. I have added on to it here to give more details here so if it sound a like all over the place I am sorry in advance I just didn't want to retype it all. 

A few weeks ago I decided to get back into freeballing on my days off. Which was fun to final get back to freeballing. Than I started freeballing more when I was home soon a day came where I a a short 4 hour shift at work at the end of the day so I just kept freeballing and no one noticed. Soon I was freeballing at work and home and a few weeks went by and I was still freeballing. So I just kept on going and going I think it maybe a month now and still going strong. My mom I think stopped caring that I was freeballing which was why I had orginally stopped freeballing. I will be moving into an apartment here shortly and I think that I will be throwing away a lot of my underwear when I do. I will try to keep you guys posted on what I do but with all the moving and stuff it maybe a while before I get back to you guys. 

As far as sleeping naked and spending as much time as possible with the least amount of close on if any, I will try to keep you guys posted. I would like to get my roommate to try freeballing and being naked but I have a feeling that may take some time for him to get into. I also have been keeping things shaved down there but I think I may try something a little bite more permanent soon. I have a tendency to miss some here and there and I would like to just not have to deal with it everyday. 

As for my roommate underwear situation I will first find out what type of underwear he currently wears and gradually get him to not wearing any (if he likes it) otherwise I will help him find more comfortable underwear. The only problem I see is that he is someone does doesn't like change very much. The good thing is that he works very consistent hours so I could easily walk around naked when he is not there. And one day I might just slip on a pair of boxers before he gets home and see what happens. I think I will have to start the first night sleeping naked so that I have some reason to be naked at night. There is a plus to being nearly naked when there because then we won't have to run the ac as much during the summer. I think if he is up for it we could try not running the ac at all during the summer. I know when I had an apartment one summer I only ran the ac when I was actually in the apartment on a hot summer day otherwise I just shed some of my close. I know close to the end of the summer I was spending a lot of nights in just boxers (which I had just started to wear) and it was great. 

There are many things that could go wrong with my plans to get him to freeball like me but I think if I get him to take baby steps to it or if I just continue doing it around him I think he may eventually get to it. I think I will be able to get him to at least try it once and if he likes it he can continue doing it. There is only a few people in the world that I know that I would like to get them to freeball and I would feel like I succeeded if he were to freeball with me. The main problem I see is that he basically has been wearing the same style of underwear since he was potty trained (just without the cartoons). I know I will try to get him to dress more fashionable because currently he looks like he is in the 90's and he is single. I know he has to dress a certain way for work and so do I. I usually now dress in sweats when I am not at work or church nicer sweats thou. I don't think I will get him to completely change his wardrobe but I can help improve it slightly so that when we go out we look good. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm back

Well it has been a while since the last time I posted here but I would like to announce that my freeballing is back so far I have gone a full 2 weeks freeballing and I am not stopping for any reason. I did notice that someone commented on a post I did earlier that I could cut out the crotch of my underwear and wear them. I thought about that for a while and at first it I thought it might work then I started remembering some issues that boxers have when you bend over. The first being that if the waist band is slightly higher than your pants each time you bend over the back slides up and then when you get back up the pants push the rest up causing the annoying bulge of underwear above your back which is only limited by the crotch giving you a wedgie. Which means that if you remove the crotch there is no limit to how far it will go which would mean if you are not careful your whole underwear would be above your pants. Then I thought maybe it would work in boxer briefs but I came up with the same conclusion. And it also wouldn't work in briefs either. 
So then I thought more about it and if there was a way that would allow you to wear underwear but still hang free. My first idea is to cut out the front of some boxer briefs where the fly is but leave the rest intact therefore when you bend over your behind would stay covered and when you get back up the rest of the underwear would prevent the pants from pushing it up. You would have the ease of just unzipping and whipping it out to use a urinal. You could probably start with a small hole and work your way up to the whole fly. It could work on briefs as well. 
I have some plans on moving to an apartment in a little over a month. I will have a roommate about my age there too. It maybe fun for try being nude there first starting out when he is working. Then slowly transitioning to most of the time especially during the summer month to lower the cost of cooling and laundry. The only downside is that since this will be his first apartment and his parents would be close by and as most parents are when their kids move out they may pop in randomly. I know when I had moved out the second time I didn't really have to worry that much about them popping in unannounced since it was a long drive for them so they usually gave me a notice ahead of time. 
As far as my foreskin restoration goes I plan on ordering a device soon and pretty much wearing as much as possible. I would like to have some noticeable results by mid May. Once I get the device I plan on working more on that until I get my desired results. 
As far as me freeballing it at work well I have been for the past 2 weeks so I think I will continue it. And as far as my underwear goes I was actually planning on getting rid of some today but I read the comment about cutting the crotch out and decided that I may cut some of the boxer briefs up. But as far as the boxers I will keep them for the apartment to wear alone. I maybe able to convince my roommate to switch to at least boxers instead of his white briefs he has worn his whole life. I will keep you posted on anything that come out of it. 
Now I would like to know the percentage of males in the u.s. That freeball on a regular basis and the percentage of male who have ever gone commando. Now I am will to bet that a large majority of males have gone commando at least once in their lifetime. But on the other hand I don't think there is a large percentage of males that go freeballing on a regular basis. Now why am I saying this is because I believe that every male person at some point in time should try going without underwear at least once. I know that there are some religions that prohibite it and I understand that would cause problems but even then there are loop holes that would allow you to freeball at least once and that would most likely being going swimming. 
This brings me to another point I would like to bring up now I have noticed lately that a lot of men and boys have been wearing underwear under their swimsuit to go swimming and I don't know why anyone would wear something that doesn't dry quickly and gets ruined by chlorine underneath their swimsuit. Now I would understand it if you were wearing board shorts as shorts. I also think that if you had no swimwear to wear swimming you could either wear your shorts without underwear or just you underwear to swim in. Now you may get looked at for doing so but hey you got to make it work some way. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

My plans to get rid of my underwear

So I have been thinking a lot since my last post and it is rediculous that I am so worried about people finding out that I am freeballing. I also find it hard to get back to being a full timer again. I have started to look for my own place now. Probably won't move in for a few months. 
Soon I have a plan on how to get rid of my underwear. It may take me a few months to get rid of all of them but eventually I will. As I get rid of them I will take photos of them on so that you can see them. 
In other news I have gone back to freeballing on occasion, but I still wear underwear to work and most of the time that I am out. I have a resolution this year to get back to freeballing full time. Now I know that I have said this many times and usually I end up going either back to part time or not at all, but this time I have a plan on how to get back to full time. Now it starts off with freeballing on occasion for a few months then once I am use to that again I will start to go freeballing at work on my shorter shifts. After a while of that I will go to freeballing on longer shifts. Hopefully by that time I will have a place of my own which means that I will be freeballing more on my free time. And I will just continue on freeballing more and more until I am freeballing all the time. 
As far as my idea of getting rid of all of my underwear I think I will end up keeping a few handy for those necessary times. Now I won't be just keeping a cheap pair of briefs, I will be keeping some very nice brand name boxers that are almost as comfortable as not wearing anything. The only problem that I have is that these pairs of underwear cost more for one pair than that of a pack of fruit of the loom boxers. Which is why I don't just wear them all the time. 
Another resolution I have for this year is that by the end on the year I hope to have restarted my foreskin restoration. When the end of the year was getting close last year I was originally planning on getting started on it before the New Years, but time went by to quickly and I didn't have time to start it. Now that the new year has started and work has slowed down some I think I might try it again but this time with a little more ambitious since now I know I will have a new doctor soon which would mean another physical I want to have some foreskin restored before hand. 
And lastly when I get a place of my own I plan on sharing it with a friend and hopefully I can influence them to freeballing too. And eventually getting them to spend more time naked with me if that is okay with them. And hopefully by summer I will have gotten full time hours at work. I am still thinking about maybe going back to school to get a degree in something else that I like. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Well it has come.

So I said in a previous post that if I got 50,000 page views by the end of the year I would get rid of all of my underwear. Now since then a lot has changed I now have a great job that I like. The only problem I have is that with this new job come a level of the way I dress as many of you know I prefer not to dress up nice if I can help it. Now it's not like I have to be in a full suit everyday (which I would never be able to do) but I have to at least wear a nice collared shirt and clean pants. The other thing is I have to deal with all sorts of people everyday and I am constantly standing, bending over, or reaching for stuff and I don't want to have to being worrying about where my penis is and whether anyone can see its outline. So I have been wearing boxers everyday. And I know I shouldn't have to worry about it but for some reason it is always on my mind when ever I freeball. Yes you may say that I could still freeball when I am not working but my hours are so all over the place that I barely have a few days off in a row. And I have noticed in the past when ever I switched between freeballing and wearing underwear my stomach doesn't like it. 
Well what I am trying to say is that ever though I said I would get rid of all of my underwear I can not. At least for now it may change once I get back on my feet and have a place of my own. Now I am not going to let you completely down on this promise I will still get rid of some of my underwear again but I will have to wait on it for a little while. I will take photos of my wearing each pair one last time before I throw them out.  I have looked into donating some but I don't think I could donate it. 
As far as everything else goes I am still not wearing underwear to bed. And the weather has been very weird lately normally by this time we have a couple inches of snow on the ground and well I can say this I have never ever had to mow my lawn in the middle of November before but today I had to the grass was like 5 inches tall and they are predicting that finally this weekend we will have some snow. So out came the lawnmower one last time before the snow flies. Just thinking of that reminded me that I actually have a lot to do before the snow comes I've got pots to move lights to hook up cords to buy and hook up for de-icers and plants to cover and engine block heaters to install and an exhaust to fix. The bad thing is I have really only one day to do it. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Keeping the swimwear for now

Well it has been a month and so far we have not meet 50,000 page views. And I promised that if we hit it within a month I would donate them all. I am kind of released that I don't have to donate them but at the same time I think it would have been a challenge to find a place to donate them all. And yes I could have tried to donate them to goodwill but I am not sure if they would have made it to the shelves. I don't want to donate them and not have them ever used again. Or worse thrown out. Now the reason I thought about getting rid of them was that I don't have much of a need for them so to get rid of them would give me more space. Now for the underwear well I try not to wear them as much as possible but there are times were I just have to wear them. 
For a freeballing update. I have been freeballing on and off lately depending on the weather and what I have to wear. The days are getting shorter and the morning are getting colder and so is the nights. 
An update on going camping I will have to put it off for next summer the temperature at night is a bit to cold to sleep in the buff while camping. Plus my friend that I wanted to bring camping I just found out that he is going to college now. You might think that I should have known this a long time ago but even his parents didn't even find out until a few days before the semester started. But I am glad that he decide to go to college I was getting worried that he would just be a minimum wage worker for the rest of his life. Now I am not saying minimum wage is a bad this its not a wage that a full grown adult can live on for life. It's a wage that is designed for teenagers to pay for gas and some food not a house payment or rent or insurance or bills. And yes it could go up but you got to think about the domino affect when you raise the wages of workers the cost to make stuff goes up which raises the price of everything raising the cost of living even more. Which starts the cycle over again. So to keep the cost of living down you have to keep them minimum wage down. One last point to say if you are a parent trying to live off of minimum wage you need to change. 
Now sorry for getting all political here it just when I start talking about political issues I have an urge to get my voice out there. Now one last political opinion I am not going to say who I am going to vote for but I will say this I would like to see a president in office who has expeirence in the whole government and has a working knowledge of how it works. All I will say is that the next president will be a first of something. 
Now back to freeballing. Oh it is so comfortable to be back to freeballing. The freedom of your boys hanging free. Now I am still unemployed and working hard at getting reemployed. But the other day I noticed when I filled for unemployement benefits I didn't have much left which sucks because once that is gone I will have to start tapping into my savings which I am trying to save for eventually a place of my own. It's not much but it was a start until everything hit the fan. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A note to readers

I know a lot of you probably freeball on occasion or have thought about it. Now I would like to say for the point of this post is the establish the grounds on what freeballing is not the definition but what is it. I like to say that it is a lifestyle that some live. I have also referred it to a life choice and a clothing option or choice. 
Now sleeping nude is easy it's a lifestyle if you do it all the time. But if you only do it if you run out of pajamas it is a clothing option. 
Freeballing is different because there is so many reason to why someone will freeball. So do it because it is more comfortable than wearing underwear. Some do it because that is how they grow up. And some do it to be sexy. Some do it so that the boys can stay healthy. Some do it because they are a bit lazy in the morning and run out of time to put on underwear. Some do it because like with every thing else the price goes up and it gets harder to convince yourself to spent the insane price for a piece of clothing that only you and your partner most likely be the only ones to see them. All of these reasons are good reason to freeballing. 
On a another note the other day my mom came home from target and she had found boxer briefs for $2 and so she picked up a pair for me and my brother. Now I was a little surprised that she picked up a pair for me because she hasn't bought me underwear since I turned 18, over 4 years ago. Plus for the past couple of years I have been wearing more boxers than boxer briefs. I have thought about just not wearing them but she will eventually find out. Plus I don't want to just get rid of them because she did spend money on them. But at the same time I don't want to wear them because then it would mess up my stomach again. 
On the topic of me freeballing again I had gone up to the weekend freeballing then I had to move one of my sisters into my other sisters house so to avoid the freeballing topic from coming up I just went ahead and wore some boxers. But I went back to freeballing on Monday. I hope to someday be back to freeballing full time. As for now it is a day to day challenge on whether or not I can hide it. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Freeballing again

So I said last week that I would try to start freeballing again this week. So yesterday I had to take a shower after lunch because I was working outside all morning and was all sweaty so I decided that I would first shave my armpits and my penis (which I haven't done in a while). Then I would freeball the rest of the day. Then I continued it through today. It was weird because before whenever I freeballed I didn't even think about it. Now I had stop myself from putting underwear on because I got so use to it that it became second nature to me again. I will try to go as long as possible freeballing but I know I will have to wear underwear every once in a while to please my mother. Now the only problem I have is that I am in lack of good shorts to freeball in. I prefer to wear cargo shorts when I freeball mostly because they have enough pockets to hide the penis outline plus they are baggy enough to allow a breeze up the leg in. Now I would wear athletic shorts freeballing too but they show a little to much and may slide up the leg and show more than enough. 
In other news I was looking up the stats on this blog and notice more than half of you are from the United States. Followed by the United Kingdom with less than 10 percent. 
I have also noticed that we are getting close to 50,000 page views and I kind of thought to myself that if we hit 50,000 I should do something to mark that occasion. Now if we hit 50,000 views by the end of the year I will throw out or give away all my underwear. But if we hit it within the next month not only will I get rig of my underwear I will also donate my swim briefs and jammers to a second hand place. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Camping naked

So a while back I had posted on the freeballing forum asking about tips on camping naked. And to my amazement it was well answered. If you want to read the full thread you can find it at this link I liked the different views of everyone and had a great time reading them all. 
On the freeballing topic I would like to say it has been challenging to do when the people you spend the most time with are not comfortable with it. So I have been reduce to doing it only to bed. It has been so long since the last time I freeballed all day that I have almost forgotten how it feels to be butt naked under my clothes now don't fear that I have left that lifestyle go. I am always thinking about it. I think starting Monday I will try to freeball some. 
On another note the other day I was watching a Vlog on YouTube and a particular line came up that caught my attention. So it is this dad who Does daily vlogs of his family and at one point in the video one of his sons come up and asks if he could jump into the pool and he says yes so his son says I am not even wearing underwear and takes his shirt off and jumps in. And the dad does react or nothing to it. So it gets me into thinking there most be more kids out there freeballing just because they want to just go right it to the pool. Now I not going to share a link of it mostly because it might get the wrong message. 
I would also like to share with you guys that I have hit a slump and have been struggling with things lately mostly job related. And I am not trying to say poor me what I am trying to say is that even though I have gone through 3 years of college and got a degree in drafting I am still not sure what I want to do in my life. Whether it be drafting or something entirely different everyday is a new day be happy that you are here and have people in your life that inspire you to do what you want to do in your life. And one of the people that keep me going everyday other than my family is a youtuber named Roman Atwood. His whole life story inspires me to find that thing I want to do for my life and just do it. He is probably the most inspirational youtuber out there. And his company Smile More! Is awesome it keeps me smiling everyday knowing that one day I will be doing what I want to do. And today's Vlog was amazing and inspiring. He has been blessed with so much that out of his love for his family he bought his dad a brand new corvette Z07 which his dad ever since Roman was a little boy his dad said one day he will have a corvette not realizing that his son will become the one to buy it for him. Now I am sharing this with you guys because I know there are probably people out there also struggling in life and need to be inspired themselves to do what they want to do. Now go out there do what you want to do and just do it. And don't forget to Smile More! 
Here's a link to his vlogs and don't forget to subscribe to him. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

It's been a busy couple of months. And nude sleeping!

So I have been off here for a while and a lot of things have changed since my last post. Okay my idea for giving up underwear for lent didn't go as planned I did spend the majority of the time freeballing but as far as not wearing underwear goes I could make it through the weekdays just fine but when the weekends came I would most likely wear underwear. Then my roommate decided that he would move out. That mean I was getting my own place for once. Once he moved out I started to be more naked around my apartment. A few nights after work I pretty much got home ate and then got undressed. Other times I would change into some basketball shorts that are thin and walk around in them. Last weekend I got very sick and tired that I pretty much spend the majority of the time in just boxers. I have also gone back to occasionally sleeping nude. 

The feeling you get when you sleep naked and wake up naked is so amazing. A couple times when I sleep naked I would spend some of my morning routine naked which is something I could never do before. It's not as amazing as sleeping naked but the feeling of your penis swinging completely free is a feeling you can't get anywhere else. A couple of times while I was walking around naked I would just randomly get a semi going. The best part about not having a roommate is that if it is hot out and you don't want to turn the ac unit on you just take off your clothes and instantly it's the right temp. Like it was close to 80 degrees here and I don't even have the ac running. 
If you like these pictures let me know there will be more to come in future posts. And no I won't show my penis on here. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

It's on a roll

So about a week ago I was thinking what I should give up for lent. I got to thinking that since I have been struggling with getting back into freeballing I would give up underwear entirely during lent no matter what happens. Well that went well until Saturday when I had only sweatpants left to wear and they aren't quite long enough for me so I have to wear them lower on my waist which meant that every time I bent over I would have to readjust them. My parents were going to be over so I throw on a pair of boxers under them. I only wore them for the day and as soon as I went to bed they came off. So last night I was thinking more about it and I thought since there is about 6 weeks left until Easter I would try to go from sleeping in pajamas to sleeping nude again. So last night I slept shirtless and it was awesome. Now I haven't really slept naked for quite some time so going back will take so time to get use to plus since I have to get up early to go to work and I am not a morning bird so I try to go to bed as soon as possible to get as much sleep as I can. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Random thoughts

So I was thinking about reasons why I freeball and decided I should write them down in my blog. 
First I freeball because it is more comfortable than underwear. 
Second I freeball because when I do my digestive system seems to work better. 
Third I freeball because it allows my crotch to air out more and not smell as much. 
Forth I freeball because it allows my balls to naturally manage their temperature better. That allows you to have a better sperm count so it is easier to have kids. 
Fifth I freeball because it means less clothes to wash. 
Sixth I freeball because I want to be different. 
Seventh I freeball because underwear is expensive and if you want to get a comfortable pair you may end up spending $10 on just one pair. 
Eighth I freeball because I have read enough about what underwear does to you that I just rather avoid it all together. 
Nineth I freeball because it is growing in popularity. 
Tenth I freeball because I have tried as many different styles of underwear that all had problems. 
Eleventh I freeball because to find a pair of underwear that fits right and feels comfortable on me and I wouldn't mind being seen in them is virtually impossible for me. 
Twelfth I freeball because having the ability to go a few weeks without having to wash clothes is important for me right now. 
Thirteenth I freeball because not having to deal with a extra layer of clothes when trying to use the bathroom urinal speeds up bathroom times. 
Fourteenth I freeball because I made a decision a while ago that I wouldn't wear underwear anymore. 
Fifteenth I freeball because it makes me smile knowing that my boys are happily hanging free. 
Sixteenth I freeball because underwear leaves a red line at the waistband that just doesn't look good. 
Seventeenth I freeball because without underwear I don't have to continually adjust my pants and them. 
Last but not least I freeball because I want to and I can. 
If this has inspired anyone to freeball or to go full time just do it you can always go back if you don't like it plus it is free. Just be aware that some people would disagree with you but it's your body and your life. 
I have also come up with a plan on getting back to freeballing. First I will switch back from boxer briefs to boxers until my digestive system gets back in order. Then I will watch the temperature outside and when it gets to a temperature that is more suitable for freeballing I will switch back to freeballing. I will purchase good boxers so they will be comfortable enough to where for a while and last for a while. I don't plan on throwing any of my underwear out just yet but I have made a decision on what will be thrown out first. And that is the briefs and an old pair of boxer briefs. I might take photos of me wearing them before I thow them out. I know the last time I throw out underwear it was because they were well worn and they were whitie tighties which I hated so much. You know what I just thought of another idea tonight I will throw some away. And every week that goes by of my not wearing them I will throw out a pair. Now that may take a while but that's because at one point in time I had probably 40 pairs of underwear and I can't remember exactly how many I have left. Plus I will be buying more tonight. Probably at least 8 pairs so they will last me a week. 
I just thought of another idea since I have not been sleeping naked lately I will slowly make my way back to that too. And getting rid of some of my worn out pajamas as well. 
Just to give you an idea of how many clothes I have where I live now I have a 6 drawer dresser completely full a couple of tutes full and a hanging rack full. And than some. But as far as the basics like socks and jeans I have 2 pairs of jeans that are suitable for work and just over a weeks worth of socks. I was thinking that I have a lot of clothes I don't wear very often but can't seem to convince myself to get rid of any of them. I think that maybe the next time I go to my parents house I will bring a box of clothes I don't wear anymore with me but are still in good shape and give them to good will. Just like when I moved from my job where I had filled a couple a garbage bag full and gave them away. The only bad part is that a lot of my clothes are not cheap but at the same time I don't have the time to go through it all and decide how much to sell it for and then sell it. Unless I do it on eBay and sell it as big lots of clothes. Which I might do with some of the things have like my speedo collection that I don't think I will be able to wear them comfortably somewhere. I will let you know if I do post them on eBay so if you want them you will be able to get them there. There are a few things I have that I just can't get rid of or don't want to get rid of like for example my long underwear. Even thou I could give it to goodwill, I don't want to. There was a pair that I had picked up one summer at goodwill and I miss read the tag I thought it said small which was my size but what it actually said was extra small which still fit but it made it harder to get on. Then I made the mistake of buying medium of the same brand but on eBay and that turned out to be a different style which I didn't like but I kept it anyways. So then I went to the store that sold that brand and bought a size small of the style I wanted. All told I bought 3 pairs different sizes and spend probably $40 on them. So then when I was going thou my stuff before I moved I toke the extra small size and put it in a bag of clothes for the neighbor kid. I don't know if he ended up getting them or not but I didn't pay much for them and all I had got them for was to really figure out what size I should get. Oh man I have rambled on here for a while. I promise next time not to be so long with it. 
Here is some photos of my newest pair of underwear that I got because I never seen them before in the states. 
Now here is a photo of one of my favorite pairs of underwear on top of a regular pair of boxer briefs of the same size. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A New Year and New opportunities

I know it has been 4 months since I last posted on here but today I was board and was looking at my stats of my blog and I noticed that the post I had written up in November I never finish and published it. So I decide to start writing a new post. 
The past few months I haven't been freeballing much mostly because of the cold weather and holidays going on. I wouldn't say that I have given up on it I just realized that it may be more of a seasonal thing. Until I have made the full transition to working full time. I haven't been sleeping naked either but I haven't been wearing underwear to bed either. This coming week I will try to sleep naked at least a few days and depending on the weather in the mornings I may just freeball too. I have noticed a few things that have been affected by me wearing underwear again. One of them being that my stomach is unhappy with me more than before. The other thing is I have been building up more weight around my waist which isn't what I wanted but it might not from the underwear but more from my poor eating habits I have developed since moving out of my family's house. 
I can't remember if I have told you guys about my new bed. I love my new bed. It's a sleep revolution sport bed with a special cover on it. The cover helps heal from exercise and keeps your body warm. The sheets I have on it are a 100% cotton jersey sheet set. I have yet get a linner cover thing for it yet but I have to find the right one for it. The only thing I was disappointed with is that where I got the mattress from showed one with a very nice color pattern on it but when it came it didn't have a color pattern on it. I check it out on the manufactures website and apparently the size I got doesn't have the color pattern on it. It wasn't that big of a deal but when I buy something I hope it is exactly like the picture. I don't have any photos for you guys again but the sheets on my bed really affect the color of the pictures and so until I get new ones I won't be taking much picture for you guys. 
I do have a few New Year's Resolution that I would like to share with you. One being that I would like to get in a more of a routine of posting on here. Even if it is only once a month I would still like to post something because I have noticed that I have started a few posts but never finished them and posted them. Another one is that again I would like to get back to freeballing full time and sleeping naked. Another one being I would like to get this blog a facelift and also getting the freeballing community involved with it. So if you have any suggestions or tips on making it better please leave them in the comments bellow. Plus if you think that I should remove the warning screen before you enter the blog leave that in the comments too. Another one would be getting a penis piercing. I haven't decide exactly which one but I have a few in mind. But I would like to find out which ones I could get from a local piercer first. So once I have made a decision I will let you guys know which one. And sorry I don't think I will be sharing any photos of it here. The last one I will like to share with you is that by the end of the year I would like to have my own place and possible a girl friend. 
Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been posting anything about my foreskin restoration project lately anywhere. And to give you a reason why I haven't been is because I have been so busy with other things and remembering to but it on is not easy plus I have lost it in the move so I will have to pick up a new device and maybe one that fits and works better then just the cone. It's just taking the time to do it is hard. It will be one of the things on my list to get in the next few weeks. Either that or making my own device. But I will tell you this even though I want my foreskin back but at the same time I know it won't be as functional as an intact foreskin would be. I have thought about purchasing one of those senslip things to see how it would feel and look to have a foreskin even thou it is fake and can't be worn all day. 
One last thing I have noticed that the most popular post I have on here is that of my sleeping naked update. Which means I try to post more like that in the future. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Story time

I haven't posted here in a while but I have been busy. So this may be a long post but I have a lot to say. 
First of all I got a job drafting. It's basically in the middle of nowhere. It's 8 miles from any town. I have moved into an apartment with a roommate/co-worker. It's a small apartment but it will do for now. I have gotten rid of some of my underwear mostly boxers. I am still hanging on to the rest for a while. Also on the parents note I think my mom know that I don't wear any underwear and so far she hasn't complained about it. On the day that I was moving out she asked if I was wearing any underwear and instead of just saying that I wasn't, I asked why would you ask that. She said that my shorts were giving me a wedgie. Which I know they weren't but to please her I put on a different pair. She didn't say much about it later but that was the first time she ever said anything about it. On another note I have not told my roommate that I go without underwear but I don't want to say it. Eventually once we are better friends and can talk about stuff like that then I might. 
On another note I have been freeballing everyday to work. 
A topic on the freeballing forum reminded me of a story. I don't know if I have said it here before and if I have I am sorry. I have more details now. One of the first days of school in first grade we were all going to the bathroom at the same time. Now a description of the bathroom is that it is old the urinals were built into the floor so that anyone can use them. There was also no dividers between them. I was going pee I pulled my pants down and underwear down as you would at that age. I was wearing briefs a classmate came up next to me pulled his pants down he was wearing boxers pulled his penis out of the hole in the front and started peeing. He asked me why I had briefs and I said they are my underwear. He then said that he wears boxers and that I should get some. At that time I only knew about briefs but this idea of boxers kept popping up in my head. It would be a while before I got me boxers but I didn't know how to wear them so I put them on over my briefs that wasn't comfy at all. So I put them aside for bed. It was quite a while before I learned that you don't wear briefs under them. Once I did it was a great feeling but I didn't do it very often. Once I got to my teenage years I wanted to wear boxers more often. The only thing was that I only had two pairs that were very childish. I did wear them whenever I could get away with it. Once I turned 18 I bought a pack of 7. It was great finally to have my own boxers. I had an apartment to myself so in the evening I would wear just my boxers. Eventually I got to the point I was wearing them everyday. I was very curious to what would happen to my balls if I were boxers everyday. So I started a journal of it I didn't notice much difference but my balls felt free. They also hung a little lower than when I started. 
Once I started freeballing I was curious to see what would happen to them and sadly I have to say that I haven't seen any other changes. Since now that I am on my own soon I will be getting rid of all my underwear. And eventually sleeping naked too. 
A have been a bit more daring like one day before I moved I had to go to the bathroom and I was sleeping naked so I went out to the bathroom naked. That was fun. 
Just yesterday I was taking a shower and I had forgotten to grab my towel so I had to go from the bathroom to my bedroom naked and only had my pajama pants to cover my penis. I was very awkward to do that but I had to I was wet and had no towel. I think I might try not bringing my pajamas to the bathroom and wearing only my towel to the bedroom. This week I think I will try to sleep naked. 
If I can go a one more month freeballing I will get rid of more of my underwear permanently.  I will take a photo of them before I get rid of them and post it on here. I have not decided which ones to get rid of and how many of them. I may keep the boxers that I have left to wear alone but I might also get rid of them. If you want to see pictures of my wearing only my underwear please let me know what type of underwear in the comments bellow. I have boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, and compression shorts. 
If you have any stories of your own post them in the comments or on the forum. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Camping trip

I know it has been a while since I last posted on here and I have been busy around the house. But finally it has gotten to a day where the weather is just rainy. So I thought maybe I should write something on my blog about what has happened since I last posted which most of it hasn't changed and nothing new has really happened involving Freeballing. Up until the last couple of weeks. 
A couple weekends ago my sister and her boyfriend's family invited me to go camping with them so I did. As I was packing for this camping trip I decided that I would not bring or wear any underwear on the trip which was new to me because ever since I started Freeballing I have always packed underwear. It was an amazing feeling that you don't have any underwear with you. I made it through the weekend without any problems or questions about it. Then this past weekend I had to help the move into their apartment which as it was going to take all day pretty much to move them in we were going to stay over night so I had to pack clothes for the next day. I packed underwear because I didn't know how much we would get done the first day and having to carry boxes all day I didn't want to have sore balls so I wore so nice boxerjocks boxer briefs from under armour. I am glad I did because it was a lot of walking. All of this has got me into thinking about getting rid of my underwear. As sad as it is to get of them after spending a lot of money on them I think it's about time to. The only thing stopping me from throwing the in the garbage is that they are nearly brand new. I might have to either sell them (the under armour ones) or give them to someone. I don't think I will be getting rid of them anytime soon but if I get a job and have to move into my own place they will be the first things to get rid of. 
If anyone has a good camping story that involves Freeballing please share. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

It is a much healthier lifestyle to freeball than it is to wear underwear. I have done research on both and have yet to find a reason related to a mans health that would benefit from wearing underwear. I have read many people's posts saying that going without is unhygienic but most of them are from women who don't know that germs and bacteria grow better in warm damp areas. 
I have had a father who was in the Marines which basically they give him clothes to wear including underwear. Now here is the funny part they gave him boxers he is not a boxers guy. He is a white briefs guy. He is also large and hairy down there. He hasn't been in the military since he married my mom like 23 years ago so he has put on a few pounds. 
I love my dad very much but he isn't that up to date with fashion so I don't like being seen in public with him. Even though he doesn't freeball, he is partly the reason I freeball. Mostly because I didn't want to dress like him so I started to buy my own clothes and underwear. As I was looking for a more comfortable pair of underwear I came across freeballing and read that it was more comfortable than any pair of underwear. I would have to agree with that so far I have yet to come across a pair of underwear that I have tried that even comes close to the freeballing comfort. 
I have not told any of my family that I freeball even though I think they have noticed the lack of underwear in the laundry this year. Last year I was more careful and every time I took a shower I put a pair of underwear in the dirty clothes. This year I haven't been but I do every once in a while run a few pairs in the laundry just because. Hopefully soon I will have my own place and be able to get rid of my underwear once and for all. And maybe even go nude around the house. 
The only thing that I have noticed around the house is that the guys have been showing more butt crack lately. I think my brother is trying to be more like me because one summer between college semesters I wore basically only boxer briefs not that is pretty much all he wears for underwear. I think he would like to be wearing boxers but my mom is kind of against them even though she didn't care that I wore them when I first moved out at 18. 
Okay now I have rambled on for a while. I am proud of my dad for taking care of us even though my mom did most of it. He still tries to make time for us in his bissy life. 
On a side note I have got a pair of mesh shorts that the inner mesh is falling out so maybe one day I would try to wear those. 
Here's an update on what I have been doing lately I pretty much freeball all the time I have slept naked a few times I also have been trying not to masterbate every night. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

summer is finally here!

so its summer I have completed my degree in computer aided drafting. I have been freeballing the majority of the time. The weather has been weird like one days its cold enough to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt to the next day it is freaking hot out. I have bought new shorts to wear. I will say this I like this store that I have found its close to home and they always have a sale going on. the stores name is rue21. they are different than most other stores. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The end of college

I will be graduating here in a week and was thinking I should do something different in my life to make it feel a lot more like I have accomplished something in my life. Other than freeballing, I have yet to feel like I have changed alot. since I started high school. I still dress the same other than not wearing underwear. I wear a watch all the time even though I always have my phone on me. I did however change the type of glasses I wear from metal frame to more of a acrylic frame. I think I might change the style of socks I wear from crew socks to no show or low cut socks. even though that sounds like a small change to me it is a big change because I have never worn any other type of socks. I will be going back to work on construction for this summer so that will be fun. shorts are a must in the summer so I will be hinging free. 
A little update since last night I kinda hurt my penis last night and it was sore and the only way I could relieve it was to wear underwear. So this morning will I was getting dressed I put on a pair of these jky by jockey boxer briefs with a H front and they feel so soft I like them but I still can't stand the feeling of having my boys tight up agaist my body. once it gets better I will switch back to freeballing hopefully by Tuesday morning. just a tip make sure that you penis is inside completely before zipping up. I caught might very fast and didn't do any damage but it still got sore. 
the pajamas to nude sleeping process will begin tonight. I am going to twick it a little depending upon where I sleep when I get home. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

whats up

okay so I have notice that I have not posted on here since april 20th. I have been freeballing 24/7 but I haven't been sleeping naked because I have been trying to see how long I can go without mb. I made it almost a week before I mb again. I noticed that if I am wearing some pajamas to bed I am less likely to mb. so that is why. I have also decided that I will slowly transition for pajamas to sleeping nake by once I go a week without mb I will not wear a short to bed then after another week I will wear boxers instead of pajama pants then after another week I will be naked. hopefully this will only take a few weeks. it is going to be summer and I will be tired at night so I think I will be able to fall asleep quicker. 
here are some more pictures of me in swimsuits