the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Monday, March 31, 2014

small update

so since my last update i have bought more boardshort the real boardshorts without the liner and afew with the liner because they looked cool i have also bought a pair of trackpants that have the snaps that go all the way up both legs so they can be taken off without taking your shoes off and they look fun to freeball in they are just a plain navy blue 

Friday, March 28, 2014


i have now gone a full week now and a day and love it even more. i started sleeping naked when i first tried freeballing but went back to wearing pajams the other night because it was cold and the fleece bottoms on my naked body felt so soft and comfy i couldn't take them off i did freeball in them. i went back to sleeping naked last night and i would say the fleece was softer. hope to go another week. i have also tried stopping mb to build up a big cum but just can't fall asleep without at least thinking about it. 
p.s. has anyone tried sounding or have heard about it. 
underwear?where?not here

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

freeballing fulltime

i have put my all of my underwear away for good and only take them out when it is way too cold like 40 bellow zero or if i have an interview for a job that requires slacks or a suit. i even toke the linning out of one of my swim trunks but only one to start with just in case i don't like the feeling of not having it there and also my other ones are a bit bigger and i don't want to have a peep show done there. i just want to keep the junk in the trunk and not get embarrassed about what I am wearing or not wearing. 

any one know if wearing compression short is consider freeballing or not. some people say it is some say it isn't because it is basically underwear right. i know you are not suppose to wear anything under them. just want to know. 

i have gone 6 days now and counting

so now i am a fulltime freeballer. 

I'm free! freeballing!

underwear?where?not here

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

board shorts

i have just received a pair of board shorts brand new. they look awesome they have no mesh linner to get in the way they are a bite small in the waistband and they ride up into the crotch i think it might just take some butt exercises and they will fit better. 
it is day 5 now and still haven't gone back to the boxers yet. 
underwear?where?not hear

Monday, March 24, 2014

tips to getting started freeballing

first if you wear breifs switch to boxer briefs or boxers before you go all out 
next if you get use to wearing boxers it is just a small step to freeballing this is best done when you get yourself dressed and not you parents. 
if you want you can try sleeping naked first before freeballing it then you don't have to take anything off from there. 
the earlier you start the easier it will be to go full time
once you have been sleeping naked or wearing boxers for a while you can start by freeballing at home when no one is home 
then just keep freeballing at home until your ready to go out in public. 
then all you got to do is go to school freeballing but be carefull some school have a strict dress code and may not aprove of it. most public schools don't have a strict dress code for everyday but mite have one for PE or gym. 
once you know that you can freeball in school look into trying it in pe or gym. 
don't be shy doing it in pe just act like you have done it forever and no one will notice. you might even convince some other classmate to do it to. as long as you wear a long t-shirt and shorts that aren't too baggy no one will pay much atttention to it. 
once you have accomplished that you can do it fulltime just remember do your own luandry and frequently you don't what your family to know yet unless they allready do it themselves which means what are you waiting for theres nothing to worry about its not the end of the world or anything
underwear?where?not here
p.s. i am going going 4 days strait and can't stop. 
i am enjoying the feeling of denim on my penis and balls and butt

Sunday, March 23, 2014


i pull out one of my track suit pants today to try on. i haven't woren them for years and they still somewhat fit. i'm not saying i would wear them in public but around the house they are perfect. they are an older style of track suit that is a thicker material and softer in the inside much like sweatpants and they are awesome i have a complete suit the pants and jacket. i don't know why the athletic companies ever stopped making them this way. 
underwear?where?not here
bye now 

Friday, March 21, 2014

just read some threads on the internet

okay some i was bored and fun some threads about freeballing. and they seem to all ask when did you start and why and it seemed to my they almost always started quick young or just started after high school. many have said they started because they read in online or saw someone doing it or just hated underwear and wanted to try something else. congrats to all of you who started young and have done it ever since. 
to those who are reading this and haven't done it yet i just have to say one thing just do it already most freeballers have already done it and love it and want go back. i waited and regret that wait it is better then anything the clothing stores can come up with. 
underwear?where?not here

freeballing friday

Its offical i went a full day freeballing.
i when in public fb and even to class and no one said anything. i wish i had started this when i started high school but my parents were watching to closely to what i was doing and they would have noticed it right away. i plan on fb until at least wednesday and see how it is going. 
underwear?where?not here

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Free balling update

if you are reading the and have ever thought about fb or have tried it before or even now someone who has please comment. 
now to the update 
so today i thought real hard about it and decide the i would wait until tomorrow to go out in public fb when my school day is shorter and well fridays are none to some to be freeballing fridays and i will force myself to do it because i don't go until late in the day and its not that long of a day. 
underwear?where?not here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

just a quick survey

Do you go freeballing?
When did you get into it?
and how did you get started?
Do you concider you are fulltime or parttime? 
Do you sleep naked? and if so how often?
how long have you been freeballing it? 
Any advice on the topic?


I am 19 and heard about freeballing the other day and wanted to do some. I have in the past gone camando for a short period of time but never for very long. I normally sleep in pajamas and underwear which I have done my whole life. I have always had briefs up through high school and a couple pairs of boxer briefs. I had 2 pairs of boxers which I rearly wore because I didn't like the material they were made of. The earlies I can remember hearing about boxers was in first grade when I went to the bathroom and one of my freinds was wearing them and he told he loves wearing them. A few years later I was at a friends house and we were changing into our swimsuits to go into the hottub and he suggested I wear my underwear under my swimsuit so I did. and well that meant I either had to go home in wet underwear or camando because I didn't bring any extra pairs. Well I went home camando style and loved the feeling that the pants I was wearing had on my naked privates. Since then I have gone camando a few times in my house and have on occassion gone naked to bed.
The summer after I finished high school I had an apparment to my self. and was making some money. so one day when I was bored I decided to go up to target and bye some things while I was there I saw some underwear on sale and decided I would try out some boxers. And to be safe I picked up a pack of boxer breifs too. I knew if I didn't like the boxers I could wear the boxer briefs which I have had a few in the past and loved them. and I saw some running shorts with a liner in them on the clearance rack so pick those up too and they were the right size. I then started wearing boxers from then on. I even sometimes in the evening I would walk around my apartment in just boxers which was fine I lived and the second storey of the builing and there was only 3 windows and it got hot during the day while I was gone.
I then moved out to live with some family near the college I was going to attend in the fall. I stayed with boxers and started wearing the boxer breifs every once and a while. and did so though the whole long winter. as soon as it became time for summer break I went home and for some reason i went from boxers to boxer breifs very quickly it mite have been because I was wearing shorts the whole summer. and didn't want the little kids next door to see my junk when I was building something outside. and now i have been back to school I have got back into wearing boxers. I came across some thing called freeballing and decide to give that a wurl. so yestureday after supper I did and love it.  I even went to bed naked which lasted until 4:30 in the morning when I strated to get cold so I grabbed a pair of pajamas and put them on without underwear and slept until i had to get up for school. I went a full 12 hrs freeballing and I really wanted to go to school like that too but decide to give it a day or so to. as soon as i got home from school I when and took off my boxers and still do. I plan on going tomorrow to school freeballing it.
sorry about the long post I had a lot to say
anyone out there a fulltime fb