the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sleeping naked update!

Well it has been about a month since I moved in and since day one I have sleep naked almost every night. Only 3 times did I have to wear something to bed and that was because I spent the night at my parents house on the coach. My pj draw has not been touched since I filled when I moved in. I have also going from the shower to bed in just a robe and sometime I would have a snack in my robe before going to bed. 
Underwear on the other hand hasn't even been taken out of the box really I packed it to move. The only reason I actually packed it to move was because I was to busy with work to go through it at the time so I just throw it in a box to go through on a later date. 
I do plan on wearing less clothes as the temp goes up to save on cooling costs. But I know this will be hard to do. I have noticed even now on moderate days it gets sweaty hot in the apartment. The said part is I can't sleep with the window open because of the noise of cars driving by and the occasional train. I do plan on having the occasional nude evening when my roommate is working but I haven't tried to yet. 
News on the foreskin restoration I have finally order a tlc-x and hope to have it within the next few weeks. Once it comes I will wear it as much as I can. Other than that I will say everything is going well and I hope that it continues to improve. I plan on going all of May freeballing. It has been over 3 years since I first started freeballing and the challenges that I have gone through to get this far I think would have stopped some people in their tracks. But I pushed through knowing that if I make it to the other side it will be better. 
Last but not least I will be posting photos on the underwear I throw away soon and since you guys are so patient on it I will include some that I will keep for emergencies. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Moved in

Well I have been moving into my apartment and so far I have slept almost every night naked. I have yet to say anything to my roommate about sleeping naked or freeballing. He is slightly overwhelmed with the planning a budget right now but once he gets use to it I think I may ask him about it. I know he wears underwear everyday but as far as sleeping I am still not sure he does go from the shower to his bedroom in a robe though and spends a lot of time with his door shot. I leave my door open most of the time when I am not sleeping so I hope that over time he starts to leave his door open during the day since the only ac is in the living room area. 
On a side note Saturday it was 74 degrees out and tonight it snowed and actually built up some. But that is Minnesota we can have all 4 seasons in one week or less. Which reminds me I read a list on Facebook of all the states which ranked them accordingly by which ones have the worst winters and surprising the number one for the worst winters is Minnesota. I don't know why I people choose to live here through winter but summer is assume with all the lakes. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

I will be moving soon into an apartment

This is a post I wrote on the forum for freeballing and I thought it might be worth sharing here too. I have added on to it here to give more details here so if it sound a like all over the place I am sorry in advance I just didn't want to retype it all. 

A few weeks ago I decided to get back into freeballing on my days off. Which was fun to final get back to freeballing. Than I started freeballing more when I was home soon a day came where I a a short 4 hour shift at work at the end of the day so I just kept freeballing and no one noticed. Soon I was freeballing at work and home and a few weeks went by and I was still freeballing. So I just kept on going and going I think it maybe a month now and still going strong. My mom I think stopped caring that I was freeballing which was why I had orginally stopped freeballing. I will be moving into an apartment here shortly and I think that I will be throwing away a lot of my underwear when I do. I will try to keep you guys posted on what I do but with all the moving and stuff it maybe a while before I get back to you guys. 

As far as sleeping naked and spending as much time as possible with the least amount of close on if any, I will try to keep you guys posted. I would like to get my roommate to try freeballing and being naked but I have a feeling that may take some time for him to get into. I also have been keeping things shaved down there but I think I may try something a little bite more permanent soon. I have a tendency to miss some here and there and I would like to just not have to deal with it everyday. 

As for my roommate underwear situation I will first find out what type of underwear he currently wears and gradually get him to not wearing any (if he likes it) otherwise I will help him find more comfortable underwear. The only problem I see is that he is someone does doesn't like change very much. The good thing is that he works very consistent hours so I could easily walk around naked when he is not there. And one day I might just slip on a pair of boxers before he gets home and see what happens. I think I will have to start the first night sleeping naked so that I have some reason to be naked at night. There is a plus to being nearly naked when there because then we won't have to run the ac as much during the summer. I think if he is up for it we could try not running the ac at all during the summer. I know when I had an apartment one summer I only ran the ac when I was actually in the apartment on a hot summer day otherwise I just shed some of my close. I know close to the end of the summer I was spending a lot of nights in just boxers (which I had just started to wear) and it was great. 

There are many things that could go wrong with my plans to get him to freeball like me but I think if I get him to take baby steps to it or if I just continue doing it around him I think he may eventually get to it. I think I will be able to get him to at least try it once and if he likes it he can continue doing it. There is only a few people in the world that I know that I would like to get them to freeball and I would feel like I succeeded if he were to freeball with me. The main problem I see is that he basically has been wearing the same style of underwear since he was potty trained (just without the cartoons). I know I will try to get him to dress more fashionable because currently he looks like he is in the 90's and he is single. I know he has to dress a certain way for work and so do I. I usually now dress in sweats when I am not at work or church nicer sweats thou. I don't think I will get him to completely change his wardrobe but I can help improve it slightly so that when we go out we look good. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm back

Well it has been a while since the last time I posted here but I would like to announce that my freeballing is back so far I have gone a full 2 weeks freeballing and I am not stopping for any reason. I did notice that someone commented on a post I did earlier that I could cut out the crotch of my underwear and wear them. I thought about that for a while and at first it I thought it might work then I started remembering some issues that boxers have when you bend over. The first being that if the waist band is slightly higher than your pants each time you bend over the back slides up and then when you get back up the pants push the rest up causing the annoying bulge of underwear above your back which is only limited by the crotch giving you a wedgie. Which means that if you remove the crotch there is no limit to how far it will go which would mean if you are not careful your whole underwear would be above your pants. Then I thought maybe it would work in boxer briefs but I came up with the same conclusion. And it also wouldn't work in briefs either. 
So then I thought more about it and if there was a way that would allow you to wear underwear but still hang free. My first idea is to cut out the front of some boxer briefs where the fly is but leave the rest intact therefore when you bend over your behind would stay covered and when you get back up the rest of the underwear would prevent the pants from pushing it up. You would have the ease of just unzipping and whipping it out to use a urinal. You could probably start with a small hole and work your way up to the whole fly. It could work on briefs as well. 
I have some plans on moving to an apartment in a little over a month. I will have a roommate about my age there too. It maybe fun for try being nude there first starting out when he is working. Then slowly transitioning to most of the time especially during the summer month to lower the cost of cooling and laundry. The only downside is that since this will be his first apartment and his parents would be close by and as most parents are when their kids move out they may pop in randomly. I know when I had moved out the second time I didn't really have to worry that much about them popping in unannounced since it was a long drive for them so they usually gave me a notice ahead of time. 
As far as my foreskin restoration goes I plan on ordering a device soon and pretty much wearing as much as possible. I would like to have some noticeable results by mid May. Once I get the device I plan on working more on that until I get my desired results. 
As far as me freeballing it at work well I have been for the past 2 weeks so I think I will continue it. And as far as my underwear goes I was actually planning on getting rid of some today but I read the comment about cutting the crotch out and decided that I may cut some of the boxer briefs up. But as far as the boxers I will keep them for the apartment to wear alone. I maybe able to convince my roommate to switch to at least boxers instead of his white briefs he has worn his whole life. I will keep you posted on anything that come out of it. 
Now I would like to know the percentage of males in the u.s. That freeball on a regular basis and the percentage of male who have ever gone commando. Now I am will to bet that a large majority of males have gone commando at least once in their lifetime. But on the other hand I don't think there is a large percentage of males that go freeballing on a regular basis. Now why am I saying this is because I believe that every male person at some point in time should try going without underwear at least once. I know that there are some religions that prohibite it and I understand that would cause problems but even then there are loop holes that would allow you to freeball at least once and that would most likely being going swimming. 
This brings me to another point I would like to bring up now I have noticed lately that a lot of men and boys have been wearing underwear under their swimsuit to go swimming and I don't know why anyone would wear something that doesn't dry quickly and gets ruined by chlorine underneath their swimsuit. Now I would understand it if you were wearing board shorts as shorts. I also think that if you had no swimwear to wear swimming you could either wear your shorts without underwear or just you underwear to swim in. Now you may get looked at for doing so but hey you got to make it work some way.