the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Moved in

Well I have been moving into my apartment and so far I have slept almost every night naked. I have yet to say anything to my roommate about sleeping naked or freeballing. He is slightly overwhelmed with the planning a budget right now but once he gets use to it I think I may ask him about it. I know he wears underwear everyday but as far as sleeping I am still not sure he does go from the shower to his bedroom in a robe though and spends a lot of time with his door shot. I leave my door open most of the time when I am not sleeping so I hope that over time he starts to leave his door open during the day since the only ac is in the living room area. 
On a side note Saturday it was 74 degrees out and tonight it snowed and actually built up some. But that is Minnesota we can have all 4 seasons in one week or less. Which reminds me I read a list on Facebook of all the states which ranked them accordingly by which ones have the worst winters and surprising the number one for the worst winters is Minnesota. I don't know why I people choose to live here through winter but summer is assume with all the lakes. 


  1. Congrats dude! hope all your new found naked freedom will also provide you will many more pics to post for us!! Enjoy freeballing!! Enjoy all your naked freedom!!

  2. Roomy wearing a robe and keeping his door shut; he's naked in there but shy or having hangups about being seen by another guy. When he's in the living room or kitchen or whatever, you need to causally walk naked between your room and the shower; show him nudity is no big deal between a couple of guys sharing living space. The chances are good as the weather gets hotter the two of you will be wearing less and less everywhere in the apt, and that will be a good thing.