the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Random thoughts

So I was thinking about reasons why I freeball and decided I should write them down in my blog. 
First I freeball because it is more comfortable than underwear. 
Second I freeball because when I do my digestive system seems to work better. 
Third I freeball because it allows my crotch to air out more and not smell as much. 
Forth I freeball because it allows my balls to naturally manage their temperature better. That allows you to have a better sperm count so it is easier to have kids. 
Fifth I freeball because it means less clothes to wash. 
Sixth I freeball because I want to be different. 
Seventh I freeball because underwear is expensive and if you want to get a comfortable pair you may end up spending $10 on just one pair. 
Eighth I freeball because I have read enough about what underwear does to you that I just rather avoid it all together. 
Nineth I freeball because it is growing in popularity. 
Tenth I freeball because I have tried as many different styles of underwear that all had problems. 
Eleventh I freeball because to find a pair of underwear that fits right and feels comfortable on me and I wouldn't mind being seen in them is virtually impossible for me. 
Twelfth I freeball because having the ability to go a few weeks without having to wash clothes is important for me right now. 
Thirteenth I freeball because not having to deal with a extra layer of clothes when trying to use the bathroom urinal speeds up bathroom times. 
Fourteenth I freeball because I made a decision a while ago that I wouldn't wear underwear anymore. 
Fifteenth I freeball because it makes me smile knowing that my boys are happily hanging free. 
Sixteenth I freeball because underwear leaves a red line at the waistband that just doesn't look good. 
Seventeenth I freeball because without underwear I don't have to continually adjust my pants and them. 
Last but not least I freeball because I want to and I can. 
If this has inspired anyone to freeball or to go full time just do it you can always go back if you don't like it plus it is free. Just be aware that some people would disagree with you but it's your body and your life. 
I have also come up with a plan on getting back to freeballing. First I will switch back from boxer briefs to boxers until my digestive system gets back in order. Then I will watch the temperature outside and when it gets to a temperature that is more suitable for freeballing I will switch back to freeballing. I will purchase good boxers so they will be comfortable enough to where for a while and last for a while. I don't plan on throwing any of my underwear out just yet but I have made a decision on what will be thrown out first. And that is the briefs and an old pair of boxer briefs. I might take photos of me wearing them before I thow them out. I know the last time I throw out underwear it was because they were well worn and they were whitie tighties which I hated so much. You know what I just thought of another idea tonight I will throw some away. And every week that goes by of my not wearing them I will throw out a pair. Now that may take a while but that's because at one point in time I had probably 40 pairs of underwear and I can't remember exactly how many I have left. Plus I will be buying more tonight. Probably at least 8 pairs so they will last me a week. 
I just thought of another idea since I have not been sleeping naked lately I will slowly make my way back to that too. And getting rid of some of my worn out pajamas as well. 
Just to give you an idea of how many clothes I have where I live now I have a 6 drawer dresser completely full a couple of tutes full and a hanging rack full. And than some. But as far as the basics like socks and jeans I have 2 pairs of jeans that are suitable for work and just over a weeks worth of socks. I was thinking that I have a lot of clothes I don't wear very often but can't seem to convince myself to get rid of any of them. I think that maybe the next time I go to my parents house I will bring a box of clothes I don't wear anymore with me but are still in good shape and give them to good will. Just like when I moved from my job where I had filled a couple a garbage bag full and gave them away. The only bad part is that a lot of my clothes are not cheap but at the same time I don't have the time to go through it all and decide how much to sell it for and then sell it. Unless I do it on eBay and sell it as big lots of clothes. Which I might do with some of the things have like my speedo collection that I don't think I will be able to wear them comfortably somewhere. I will let you know if I do post them on eBay so if you want them you will be able to get them there. There are a few things I have that I just can't get rid of or don't want to get rid of like for example my long underwear. Even thou I could give it to goodwill, I don't want to. There was a pair that I had picked up one summer at goodwill and I miss read the tag I thought it said small which was my size but what it actually said was extra small which still fit but it made it harder to get on. Then I made the mistake of buying medium of the same brand but on eBay and that turned out to be a different style which I didn't like but I kept it anyways. So then I went to the store that sold that brand and bought a size small of the style I wanted. All told I bought 3 pairs different sizes and spend probably $40 on them. So then when I was going thou my stuff before I moved I toke the extra small size and put it in a bag of clothes for the neighbor kid. I don't know if he ended up getting them or not but I didn't pay much for them and all I had got them for was to really figure out what size I should get. Oh man I have rambled on here for a while. I promise next time not to be so long with it. 
Here is some photos of my newest pair of underwear that I got because I never seen them before in the states. 
Now here is a photo of one of my favorite pairs of underwear on top of a regular pair of boxer briefs of the same size. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A New Year and New opportunities

I know it has been 4 months since I last posted on here but today I was board and was looking at my stats of my blog and I noticed that the post I had written up in November I never finish and published it. So I decide to start writing a new post. 
The past few months I haven't been freeballing much mostly because of the cold weather and holidays going on. I wouldn't say that I have given up on it I just realized that it may be more of a seasonal thing. Until I have made the full transition to working full time. I haven't been sleeping naked either but I haven't been wearing underwear to bed either. This coming week I will try to sleep naked at least a few days and depending on the weather in the mornings I may just freeball too. I have noticed a few things that have been affected by me wearing underwear again. One of them being that my stomach is unhappy with me more than before. The other thing is I have been building up more weight around my waist which isn't what I wanted but it might not from the underwear but more from my poor eating habits I have developed since moving out of my family's house. 
I can't remember if I have told you guys about my new bed. I love my new bed. It's a sleep revolution sport bed with a special cover on it. The cover helps heal from exercise and keeps your body warm. The sheets I have on it are a 100% cotton jersey sheet set. I have yet get a linner cover thing for it yet but I have to find the right one for it. The only thing I was disappointed with is that where I got the mattress from showed one with a very nice color pattern on it but when it came it didn't have a color pattern on it. I check it out on the manufactures website and apparently the size I got doesn't have the color pattern on it. It wasn't that big of a deal but when I buy something I hope it is exactly like the picture. I don't have any photos for you guys again but the sheets on my bed really affect the color of the pictures and so until I get new ones I won't be taking much picture for you guys. 
I do have a few New Year's Resolution that I would like to share with you. One being that I would like to get in a more of a routine of posting on here. Even if it is only once a month I would still like to post something because I have noticed that I have started a few posts but never finished them and posted them. Another one is that again I would like to get back to freeballing full time and sleeping naked. Another one being I would like to get this blog a facelift and also getting the freeballing community involved with it. So if you have any suggestions or tips on making it better please leave them in the comments bellow. Plus if you think that I should remove the warning screen before you enter the blog leave that in the comments too. Another one would be getting a penis piercing. I haven't decide exactly which one but I have a few in mind. But I would like to find out which ones I could get from a local piercer first. So once I have made a decision I will let you guys know which one. And sorry I don't think I will be sharing any photos of it here. The last one I will like to share with you is that by the end of the year I would like to have my own place and possible a girl friend. 
Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been posting anything about my foreskin restoration project lately anywhere. And to give you a reason why I haven't been is because I have been so busy with other things and remembering to but it on is not easy plus I have lost it in the move so I will have to pick up a new device and maybe one that fits and works better then just the cone. It's just taking the time to do it is hard. It will be one of the things on my list to get in the next few weeks. Either that or making my own device. But I will tell you this even though I want my foreskin back but at the same time I know it won't be as functional as an intact foreskin would be. I have thought about purchasing one of those senslip things to see how it would feel and look to have a foreskin even thou it is fake and can't be worn all day. 
One last thing I have noticed that the most popular post I have on here is that of my sleeping naked update. Which means I try to post more like that in the future.