the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

first time in shorts

well it finally warmed up enough to wear shorts. last night was the first time freeballing in shorts and it felt great but it was kind of ackward to wear because they wear athletic shorts that only had a very thin layer to them and a little bit small so I only wore them for a short period of time when I was alone. in doing this it has helped me detemine what shorts to wear this summer. even though I had planned to freeball to church today I just couldn't do it. so now the counting starts over. 

dude enjoyed freeballing in his shorts 
underwear?where?not here

P.S. please do not email me even though it is nice if you have something to say put it in the comments it will still be emailed to me so I will still see it. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

What I will try to do this summer

This is a list in order of what I think would be the most dificult to do this summer starting from the least dificult to the most. 
1. Sleep naked well this one should be fairly easily but I would have to make sure I am wake before anyone comes in the bedroom amd really it not the fear of being seen naked its the fear of being punished for shaving down there. I do this because I don't like it when the hair becomes bushy mostly because I have seen my dads stick out of his whity tighties too many times that is grouse to even think about it. 
2. going from the shower to the bed naked. All of the boys in the house except for my dad shower at night so if i was to sleep naked it would seem fit that I would go from the shower to bed naked. This will be a challenge for me because even now I don't go from the shower to bed naked because I have a younger brother who I would call a muffintop kid that has always gone from the shower to the bedroom to get dressed in a towel and he know I don't like to see him naked in front of me. Somehow the towels he takes with him never end up back in the bathroom which is a plus but they also don't end up in the luandry either until we can't find any clean ones anywhere. 
3. going shirtless. This seems to most people a no brainer but I am not as muscular as most men but I am also not on the heavy side either I am on the tall skinny side. another reason is that it is cool at home and I get cold easily. This one my be out if I get a job this summer. 
4. going to the beach with board shorts on. I have bought a bunch of new board shorts (the ones without the linner of course) this spring and would like to get some use out of them before I get to old and have a steady job. this is not as easy as it looks because I can't drive and don't ask why its not important. I don't have a public pool close and the lake is a few to many miles away to ride a bike to. 
5. wear shorts all summer. this may be dificult even though I have done it in the past I also had a warmer start to it and this year hasn't gotten warm enough yet and coupled with the fact that I want to wear athletic short for some of it I have a slight challenge to conquer here. 
6. start freeballing fulltime again. The longest I have gone is about 2 weeks so I would like to at least match that or do it better since I think I have about 3 month to try I could pull it off. Just one thing perventing it is that my whole family disaproves of going camando for anything other then swimming. this with the one before it makes this one of the most challenging tasks to conquer. I am somewhat comfortable freeballing in public but doing it in front of my parents and siblings a masive challenge. 
7. convince someone I know to go freeballing too. So this make take some time but it is doable. In fact I might have someone already in mind and hes already half way there. He sleeps naked so convincing him to freeball will be simple. I just have to make sure he doesn't tell anyone that I got him to do it. 
8. have fun
9. going naked for a day. this is not one that I would do but would eventually try to acomplish one day in the future and who knows I might become a nudist. 
10. get a girlfriend 
I will let you all know what I get done and how it goes and if it all fails and I am punished for doing it I will try to let you know what I think went wrong. 
Two most things I forgot to add is I will try to shave down there as often as I can and might even get it waxed ouch! but if that means I won't have to shave as often so be it. The other being tanning naked. which is not possible to do at my house with all the neighbors right there but I should be able to find somewhere to do it. 

going back to freeballing tonight

Well just so you now I have not been freeballing fulltime lately and thats because I have been busy with the end of the school year and getting ready for summer. so I mostly have been just foregoing the freeballing and wearing boxers but tonight I hopefully will take them off for good but i highly doubt that I will be able to do it for very long because back home all of our clothes get washed together and I am the only one written my name on my underwear not because I was told to but I had bought all of my own underwear and didn't want my younger brother who leaves skid marks to wear them and to make sure I got them all back when I go back to school. I want to know if anyone had started freeballing when they were gone and was afriad of what their parents would think if they noticed the lack of underwear in the luandry. 
I was always told that it was more hygenic to wear a fresh pair of underwear every day and some I almost always would. Well as you may know this changed about 2 months ago when I heard that people do go without underwear everyday (freeballing nate). I was a little thrilled with the thought so I tried it and I think I got about 2 weeks into it when I stopped and started part time. now I want to go back to that and at least get a good week or so. Up here in the more northern states it does not get warm very often and this year so far as I can recall it has only gotten close to 80 degrees F once. and it has been windy to and for a new freeballer the wind traveling right through your pants is cold and causes the boys to go into hiding which defeats the purpose of not wearing underwear. They have been advertising 70's this weekend but the last time they did that It only got to about mid 60's before the storms barreled in. The sun has not come out from behind the cloud very often so it has been cold and yestureday I woke up to it being only 30. Last year even though we had a good snow storm at the beginning of may it was 90 by this time last year. I have a hard time understanding the global warming when we were bracking record colds in the winter that date back close to a century ago and having Lake Supior freeze over which it hasn't done in a long time kind off makes my wonder if the earth is trying to cause an ice age. but then again some scientists are saying even though the weather seems to be colder in the winter then it has been the overall average temperture for the year has been going up and hearing the lasted news about Antartica having a gaint piece break off and is pedicted to cause the ocean levels to rise a total of 13 ft in a hundred years makes me wonder if our future grandchildren will be able to see live on the ocean fronts that we know of today. 
Okay so I am off topic but I am getting bored and had all this in my mind today. 
Heres a good question how many of you use your real name in blog posts and on public forums like the freeballing forum on network 54? I of course don't use my real name because I don't want to be able to be linked back to these pages in case of an employer seeing that and choosing not to hire me because of that and that is also why I have not thrown my underwear away yet. 
p.s. as I finished typing this I toke my underwear back off for hopefully the last time for now ;)

Monday, May 5, 2014

1000 pageviews

finally 1000 pageviews it toke almost 2 months but its offical 1000 pageviews