the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

going back to freeballing tonight

Well just so you now I have not been freeballing fulltime lately and thats because I have been busy with the end of the school year and getting ready for summer. so I mostly have been just foregoing the freeballing and wearing boxers but tonight I hopefully will take them off for good but i highly doubt that I will be able to do it for very long because back home all of our clothes get washed together and I am the only one written my name on my underwear not because I was told to but I had bought all of my own underwear and didn't want my younger brother who leaves skid marks to wear them and to make sure I got them all back when I go back to school. I want to know if anyone had started freeballing when they were gone and was afriad of what their parents would think if they noticed the lack of underwear in the luandry. 
I was always told that it was more hygenic to wear a fresh pair of underwear every day and some I almost always would. Well as you may know this changed about 2 months ago when I heard that people do go without underwear everyday (freeballing nate). I was a little thrilled with the thought so I tried it and I think I got about 2 weeks into it when I stopped and started part time. now I want to go back to that and at least get a good week or so. Up here in the more northern states it does not get warm very often and this year so far as I can recall it has only gotten close to 80 degrees F once. and it has been windy to and for a new freeballer the wind traveling right through your pants is cold and causes the boys to go into hiding which defeats the purpose of not wearing underwear. They have been advertising 70's this weekend but the last time they did that It only got to about mid 60's before the storms barreled in. The sun has not come out from behind the cloud very often so it has been cold and yestureday I woke up to it being only 30. Last year even though we had a good snow storm at the beginning of may it was 90 by this time last year. I have a hard time understanding the global warming when we were bracking record colds in the winter that date back close to a century ago and having Lake Supior freeze over which it hasn't done in a long time kind off makes my wonder if the earth is trying to cause an ice age. but then again some scientists are saying even though the weather seems to be colder in the winter then it has been the overall average temperture for the year has been going up and hearing the lasted news about Antartica having a gaint piece break off and is pedicted to cause the ocean levels to rise a total of 13 ft in a hundred years makes me wonder if our future grandchildren will be able to see live on the ocean fronts that we know of today. 
Okay so I am off topic but I am getting bored and had all this in my mind today. 
Heres a good question how many of you use your real name in blog posts and on public forums like the freeballing forum on network 54? I of course don't use my real name because I don't want to be able to be linked back to these pages in case of an employer seeing that and choosing not to hire me because of that and that is also why I have not thrown my underwear away yet. 
p.s. as I finished typing this I toke my underwear back off for hopefully the last time for now ;)

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