the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Monday, December 29, 2014

200 days done

well it has been 200 days of freeballing. The best part of it so far is that no one knows that I have no underwear on. I have freeballed in many different types of pants from cargo shorts to sweatpants to jeans to trackpants. Each one having a different experience to go with it. I have to say the most interesting thing I did was freeballing to church in sweatpants on Christmas Eve. From the beginning of my freeballing experience I had a hard time making up my mind weither or not to freeball to church. but soon realized that it didn't matter. During the service I felt so weird because mostly growing up I always dressed nicely for church and this time I was in a sweatshirt and sweatpants freeballing. I felt like I was half naked in church but I got through it. I will say I most likely will not be doing that again anytime soon. The only thing that has got me into it was that it was different and I didn't like underwear very much and the kinds that I liked where not cheap. 
With New Years coming up I would like to set a New Years resolution of something to do with freeballing. The only thing I can come up with is to freeball the whole year but seeing that I already made it over 200 days it doesn't seem like a challenge for me. 
I got an idea being that I still have all of my underwear and hopefully by the end of the year I will be living on my own. I could make the resolution of getting rid of all my underwear. the reasons why I haven't done it yet is that I still live with family and we do all of the laundry together and I don't want to tell them yet and the other reason I haven't yet is that I bought them all myself and paid a lot of money for them. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

closing in on day 200

I have about 2 weeks left until day 200 of freeballing fulltime. 
A little update on what I have been doing lately. I have been sleeping naked almost every night and freeballing every day.. For the past couple of days I have been wearing my retainer for my foreskin restoration all day long. I have noticed a change in it that the skin sometimes doesn't roll back as quickly and the retainer stays on better even whil freeballing. I have been thinking about getting a dual tension device to help with the lengthening of the foreskin but haven't decided what one to get. I should go with the TLC-X because it is wear I got my retainer. I am a college student so money is a problem and that my mom is on my account I don't want her to find out what I have been buying. I got away with the retainer because it was cheap but the dual tensioner is not cheap one bit. I know there is a way of moving money from my account to paypal but I haven't figured it out yet. 
I have about a week left of finals then I will be on my winter/Christmas break for about a month. I will be checking comments during that time but unless something amazing comes up I will only post for the 200th day of freeballing. 
Sorry no pictures today. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

it has been over 7 months

Sorry I didn't post earlier I was busy with other things. but hre are some photos of me freeballing 

I was trying to remember when the half of the year point would be when I had realized that it has been 7 months since I discovered freeballing. it feels just like yesterday when I had read Nates blog and decided I should give it a shot. It has surprised me with all of it own adventures with the world. 
please comment bellow with your own advice about freeballing and what got you thinking that it was a great idea and tried it. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

10,000 pageviews

just hit the 10,000 pageviews the other day. so now I guess i have to give a surprise for you guys. but I am still trying to make up my mind of what to do. it most likely will be a photo. but I will post it sometime tomorrow. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

getting closer to the 10,000 pageviews

I have noticed that my pageviews have been rising. I have yet to decide what to do for a surprise. I might reveal some more about me or do a photo shoot freeballing in something different. 
as far as my foreskin restoration is going I have been wearing my retainer every night. and when I take it off in the morning oor to go pee I have noticed that it has been taking longer for the skin to roll back. I know that if I wear it 24/7 I could get faster results but since I freeball it doesn't stay on for very long and I end up having to grab it through my pants so it doesn't go all the way down my leg. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ten Commandments of freeballing

7. thou shall try shaveing. this one was one that I have been doing on and off since I started growing hair dow there. 
6. Thou shall not wait. The earlier you start freeballing the easier it will be to do in front of other people. 
5. thou shall swim without linners. 
4. thou shall not assume fly is closed 
3. thou shall not try on pants freeballing. 
2. thou shall do laundry 
1. thou shall not brag. 

Winter freeballing

well the big storm hit my area on Monday morning. I know it was going to be a cold one so I decided to throw on my new long underwear just in case we end up in the ditch. and thank god I wore them because we got stuck about a block from home and had to run through the deep snow to get a shovel and help to get pushed out and I didn't get cold as I thought I would. I then spent the next 3 hours snowblowing the driveway and I had decided before I did that I would go without my jeans on under my winter overalls but I kept the long underwear on. that felt great. I think I will do that more often and maybe one day I will try wearing them without long underwear on. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

foreskin restoration

so far I have had my retainer for a week now and it is tricky to wear freeballing so I have not been wearing it to school until I can get it to stay on by itself longer. I have been wearing it at night and around the house as much as possible. it is making progress but it is slow going. the cold weather has started and it is tempting to wear my long underwear. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Restoring my foreskin

as I had said in an earlier post I had ordered a TLC your skin cone it finally showed up last night in the mail and I have been wearing it ever since. now even though it has only been a day I have noticed a difference in the glans now I don't know how I am going to get through a day at school with it on but hopefully it doesn't fall off I know there is a way to keep it on but it involves wearing underwear again and since I don't want to lose my chances of going a full year without a single pair of underwear on I can't do that. 
on a side note I have noticed that I have quite a few pageviews racked up and I would like to do something special when I hit 10,000 views. so if I hit it before Christmas I will have a special post on here. 
as for the sleeping naked it is going okay. but I love walking around in my pajamas without underwear. I have no Idea how much fun it was to go freeballing in pajamas until I started doing it. here are some pictures of me in them. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

fulltime again

well this time it is official I am a fulltimer. I got to thinking yestureday about what I was going to wear this winter and it hit me I can't go back to wearing underwear again it won't feel right it has been 140 days since I stopped wearing my underwear and I think that is a good start it has surely beat my last record and left it in the dust. now I just have to keep doing what I am doing and it should be fine. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

first official sighting

well the other day as I was working on my homework in the school cafeteria I over heard a conversation amongst some nursing students and heard the words that well caught my attention and they were that one of them was noting wearing any underwear. even though they were girls I will count it as a sighting. 
now that I have written this I have realized this wasn't my first sighting, my first sighting was one of my sister's friends on occasion didn't wear underwear but I never heard it from her. or even noticed it. this time I heard it right from the horses mouth. I have yet to spot a guy freeballing that I can confirm but I have my ideas of some who mightbe a freeballer mostly because one day when I was working construction we had the radio on and the song free falling came on and he he called it the freeballing song. and yes I looked it up it is not freeballing it is actually free falling and since I found that out I want to just correct everyone I hear saying it that is not the real title or lyrics to the song. now back to my point, he then asked one of the other guys if he ever went freeballing and he said no. I almost felt like I should have said something but I didn't want it to come back around to my mom since she knows the guy I was working for very well. I wanted to ask him but didn't really want to know that much. 
as far as my 100 day challenge I have hit 135 days now as of my sleeping naked I had to take a few nights off because of where I was sleeping. but I am back to sleeping bucknaked I even have been taking my class ring off to sleep which for me is new because since I got it the only times it has been off my finger is when I am taking a shower or doing the dishes or wearing tight gloves. I am not going to restart by challenge for the fact that If every time I wore pjs I restarted it I would not make it past two months.
here are some of my pictures of my compression shorts for you. 

I have just ordered a TLC my skin cone and hope to have it within a week to start using it for my restoration. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

freeballing in the cold

so far it has gotten down to freezing temperatures in the morning and it hasn't effected my freeballing yet. since I haven't gone through a cold winter freeballing I still have my underwear on hand in case it gets to nasty out to freeball I have also purchased a few new pairs of long underwear that are very comfortably (but not as much as freeballing is) that I could wear when I have to. I do plan on wearing them at least once just to see how they feel. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

sleeping naked again

so as I said in my last post that my challenge for The next 100 days was to sleep naked and so far it has gone great it has gotten colder and that has not affected me at all other than I notice randomly that I am freeballing. on a plus note the other day I wore these trackpants that were thin and had this very soft lnside to them. it was AMAZING. I have also purchased these rings that are the perfect size to use as cock rings but small enough not to notice. I have tried them a few days here and there and it feels different to have a ring down there. 
i have been trying to go as long as possible without mb to see if I could have another wet dream. I will try to get at least a month or more out of it but even after going a week I got really horny and just had to relieve it so I will start over tonight and see what happens. 
an update on my restoration I have been making a little progress but still have a long ways to go to get to where I notice a change. it has been over 7 weeks now since I started. 
I have been trying to think of something to do for after the next 100 day challenge and if you have any ideas for me please comment on them. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

the next 100 days

iokay so after I had thought about the challenge that i had done and what I had laid ahead for the next challenge I decided it wasn't enough of a challenge so I added to it. which this was a simple add instead of sleeping with my pajamas on and no underwear I would sleep naked. which I had already begun that night because it was getting to be to warm under the sheets with pajamas on that I would take them off to cool down and I would say it is way too comfortable to go back tonight will be day 4 of the challenge and just another 96 more to go. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

100th day

so i have gone freeballing for 100 days straight. I love it so much better now that I have gone so long without underwear that it is not even a question of whether or not to wear it. my next challenge is to go another 100 days but this time it will be a little more of a challenge for me because it will be colder out than it was the first time I tried it out. so here is to a new challenge. the next 100 days is on December 26. hopefully I won't get to cold and go back to my underwear. 
a little update on my restoration I have been manually tugging and there is a little more slack skin than when I got started but I have no idea how much I have more because I have no before pictures to compare it to. 
one question about freeballing, is it still freeballing if I only wear my compression shorts? or swim jammers/briefs? I think I have asked this question before but I don't think very many people answered it the first time so please comment on your opinion of it. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

update on whats going on

well since the last post I have gone a few nights naked and I enjoyed it very much hopefully i can continue to sleep night as far as freeballing it is going great I had the house to my self for a while so I was freeballing in some mesh shorts then I tried on some other shorts they feel comfy. I ever walked around the basement naked for over an hour. That was one of the most fun things I did and it wad so comfortable to do! hopefully I get another chance to do it again soon. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

finally back to school

well the summer is unoffically over and I have gotten back to school. so heres what I accomplished this summer. 
freeballed the entire summer. it toke its challenges but I have done it and I am still doing it. 
wore shorts the majority of the summer. I first was going to wear athletic shorts but I compromised and wore my cargo shorts all summer.
I tried to go shirtless as much as I could but stopped because my back just kept burning to easily 
as far as sleeping naked I did it a few times here and there.
I did go from the shower to the bedroom in just a towel a few times but put a pair of pajamas on after that because it wasn't late enough to go to bed yet.
I did not get a chance to be naked all day but it was not very practical in my house. 
I kept trying to get someone to freeball but I just couldn't do it. 
as far as going to the beach in board shorts its still warm out It could still happen but it will have to wait a while. but hopefully I get to it before it gets chilly out. 
as going 100 days freeballing at 88 now 12 left to go 

and an update on my foreskin restoration 
I have slack skin and proceeding to grow more. 

if you are reading this and are not or have not freeballed yet please do it now you want regret it. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

tips on freeballing

A recent comment that I had read got me into things about how to hide that unexpected boner while freeballing. I have had my occassional boner while freeballing but have not had a problem hiding it. like every guy I have morning wood which is akward to hide but what I do usually is go to the bathroom and that usually takes care of it. I have had the unexpected boner while sitting but my shirt is long enough to cover my lap and if it starts to point out I can just put my hands in my pockets and move it. I always have stuff in my front pockets so usually can't tell I am freeballing. All of my pants and shorts that I have worn out in public freeballing have been cargo shorts and jeans (not skinny jeans) I have been wanting to try wearing athletic shorts but I am afraid that people will see I have no underwear on. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

week 10

its been 10 weeks now and a little update on what I have been doing so as some of you know I was circumcised at birth and well I have always wanted to have a foreskin I have decided to restore mine. I will have update on my progress at as dude19. 
one of my new goals is to reach 100 days 70 done 30 left to go. 
I would like to know who here is cut and who is uncut?

Monday, August 4, 2014

8 weeks strong

so as you might be able to tell I have been freeballing fulltime for 8 weeks now. Some I forget that I am freeballing until I go to the bathroom and not have to deal with underwear. 
now just a random question what bothers you the most about other peoples clothing choices? 
mine would have to be those guys that sag their pants enough to see their boxers. but sagging pants only doesn't bother me much its when the their pants are so low they vanc't run without pulling them up. 

I would also say that those people who insist on wearing underwear under their swimsuit or any other thing that should not be worn with underwear like compression shorts and bike shorts also bothers me about the same. 
Pleas write your response in the comments bellow by clicking comments and adding them there thank you 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5 weeks so far

so far so good its been 5 weeks since I have started freeballing and it feels amazing. I did have to go out this morning which it was cold in my pajamas freeballing and let me tell you that was not fun at all the wind just blow right through them. I just hate this weather we are having yestureday I was wearing shorts but today I had to wear jeans. I still don't this anyone has noticed that I am freeballing. when I stared I had to keep telling myself to freeball now I just do it and remind myself that I am freeballing. it is great to to not have to worry about it anymore. I have not worn my athletic shorts yet freeballing becuase well they are thin and reveal my freeballing. I will say for now I am full time but I may go back to part time when the temperture drops down to freezing. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

come up to 4 weeks without underwear

well I have passed my record for longest time I have gone without underwear of about 2 weeks and as of next monday I will be at 4 weeks. I have not been sleeping naked lately because it has been cold in the house at night. I will not say that I am a fulltimer yet but for now I don't see myself going back to underwear for a while. 
that is all for now 

Monday, June 23, 2014

summer udate part2

okay now I have gone a whole 2 weeks freeballing. I have also discovered that sweatpants are very easy to freeball in once you get use to the material on the inside. I have not been sleeping naked as much as I wish I was but it is just fine either way. that is all for now. I will post again when I have past my previous record for freeballing or completed any other things on my list. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

summer update

so for you all to know how far I have gotten on my list is so far Have been freeballing for over a week now no one has found out and said anything. 
I have also slept naked a few times here and there. but going from the shower to bed naked has not happened. 
I went shirtless a couple of times but each time I spent a little to much time outside and got badly sunburnt. I know I should put on sunscreen but I don't decide to take my shirt off until I am outside already and busy doing something. 
and I have so far worn shorts all summer which may change if I get a job this summer. but I am starting to run out of time its mid june and I go back in mid aug. 
as for all the rest I have not done them yet. as for number 9 waiting for a day alone to do that one or with friends that I am okay with them seeing me naked. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

first time in shorts

well it finally warmed up enough to wear shorts. last night was the first time freeballing in shorts and it felt great but it was kind of ackward to wear because they wear athletic shorts that only had a very thin layer to them and a little bit small so I only wore them for a short period of time when I was alone. in doing this it has helped me detemine what shorts to wear this summer. even though I had planned to freeball to church today I just couldn't do it. so now the counting starts over. 

dude enjoyed freeballing in his shorts 
underwear?where?not here

P.S. please do not email me even though it is nice if you have something to say put it in the comments it will still be emailed to me so I will still see it. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

What I will try to do this summer

This is a list in order of what I think would be the most dificult to do this summer starting from the least dificult to the most. 
1. Sleep naked well this one should be fairly easily but I would have to make sure I am wake before anyone comes in the bedroom amd really it not the fear of being seen naked its the fear of being punished for shaving down there. I do this because I don't like it when the hair becomes bushy mostly because I have seen my dads stick out of his whity tighties too many times that is grouse to even think about it. 
2. going from the shower to the bed naked. All of the boys in the house except for my dad shower at night so if i was to sleep naked it would seem fit that I would go from the shower to bed naked. This will be a challenge for me because even now I don't go from the shower to bed naked because I have a younger brother who I would call a muffintop kid that has always gone from the shower to the bedroom to get dressed in a towel and he know I don't like to see him naked in front of me. Somehow the towels he takes with him never end up back in the bathroom which is a plus but they also don't end up in the luandry either until we can't find any clean ones anywhere. 
3. going shirtless. This seems to most people a no brainer but I am not as muscular as most men but I am also not on the heavy side either I am on the tall skinny side. another reason is that it is cool at home and I get cold easily. This one my be out if I get a job this summer. 
4. going to the beach with board shorts on. I have bought a bunch of new board shorts (the ones without the linner of course) this spring and would like to get some use out of them before I get to old and have a steady job. this is not as easy as it looks because I can't drive and don't ask why its not important. I don't have a public pool close and the lake is a few to many miles away to ride a bike to. 
5. wear shorts all summer. this may be dificult even though I have done it in the past I also had a warmer start to it and this year hasn't gotten warm enough yet and coupled with the fact that I want to wear athletic short for some of it I have a slight challenge to conquer here. 
6. start freeballing fulltime again. The longest I have gone is about 2 weeks so I would like to at least match that or do it better since I think I have about 3 month to try I could pull it off. Just one thing perventing it is that my whole family disaproves of going camando for anything other then swimming. this with the one before it makes this one of the most challenging tasks to conquer. I am somewhat comfortable freeballing in public but doing it in front of my parents and siblings a masive challenge. 
7. convince someone I know to go freeballing too. So this make take some time but it is doable. In fact I might have someone already in mind and hes already half way there. He sleeps naked so convincing him to freeball will be simple. I just have to make sure he doesn't tell anyone that I got him to do it. 
8. have fun
9. going naked for a day. this is not one that I would do but would eventually try to acomplish one day in the future and who knows I might become a nudist. 
10. get a girlfriend 
I will let you all know what I get done and how it goes and if it all fails and I am punished for doing it I will try to let you know what I think went wrong. 
Two most things I forgot to add is I will try to shave down there as often as I can and might even get it waxed ouch! but if that means I won't have to shave as often so be it. The other being tanning naked. which is not possible to do at my house with all the neighbors right there but I should be able to find somewhere to do it. 

going back to freeballing tonight

Well just so you now I have not been freeballing fulltime lately and thats because I have been busy with the end of the school year and getting ready for summer. so I mostly have been just foregoing the freeballing and wearing boxers but tonight I hopefully will take them off for good but i highly doubt that I will be able to do it for very long because back home all of our clothes get washed together and I am the only one written my name on my underwear not because I was told to but I had bought all of my own underwear and didn't want my younger brother who leaves skid marks to wear them and to make sure I got them all back when I go back to school. I want to know if anyone had started freeballing when they were gone and was afriad of what their parents would think if they noticed the lack of underwear in the luandry. 
I was always told that it was more hygenic to wear a fresh pair of underwear every day and some I almost always would. Well as you may know this changed about 2 months ago when I heard that people do go without underwear everyday (freeballing nate). I was a little thrilled with the thought so I tried it and I think I got about 2 weeks into it when I stopped and started part time. now I want to go back to that and at least get a good week or so. Up here in the more northern states it does not get warm very often and this year so far as I can recall it has only gotten close to 80 degrees F once. and it has been windy to and for a new freeballer the wind traveling right through your pants is cold and causes the boys to go into hiding which defeats the purpose of not wearing underwear. They have been advertising 70's this weekend but the last time they did that It only got to about mid 60's before the storms barreled in. The sun has not come out from behind the cloud very often so it has been cold and yestureday I woke up to it being only 30. Last year even though we had a good snow storm at the beginning of may it was 90 by this time last year. I have a hard time understanding the global warming when we were bracking record colds in the winter that date back close to a century ago and having Lake Supior freeze over which it hasn't done in a long time kind off makes my wonder if the earth is trying to cause an ice age. but then again some scientists are saying even though the weather seems to be colder in the winter then it has been the overall average temperture for the year has been going up and hearing the lasted news about Antartica having a gaint piece break off and is pedicted to cause the ocean levels to rise a total of 13 ft in a hundred years makes me wonder if our future grandchildren will be able to see live on the ocean fronts that we know of today. 
Okay so I am off topic but I am getting bored and had all this in my mind today. 
Heres a good question how many of you use your real name in blog posts and on public forums like the freeballing forum on network 54? I of course don't use my real name because I don't want to be able to be linked back to these pages in case of an employer seeing that and choosing not to hire me because of that and that is also why I have not thrown my underwear away yet. 
p.s. as I finished typing this I toke my underwear back off for hopefully the last time for now ;)

Monday, May 5, 2014

1000 pageviews

finally 1000 pageviews it toke almost 2 months but its offical 1000 pageviews

Saturday, April 26, 2014

just an update

So since my last update I had gone back to wearing boxer briefs then I wore some boxerjocks boxer briefs from under armour which felt great. Why I went back to wearing underwear is that I was getting stressed out to much that someone might notice that I was freeballing then I jsut got so comfortable wearing the boxerjocks that I just could not convience myself to go back to freeballing until today when I ran out of them. 
So I have not been wearing underwear to bed since I first started freeballing and every once in a while would be naked in bed but for the past week I have not been wearing anything to bed. I have also stopped mb at night to build up a big cum or a wet dream. this finally came last night seen all of a sudden I woke up and I was covered in cum or precum. It was a lot I had to get out of bed and wipe myself down and the sheets. It has been a long time since I last had a wet dream and I plan to do it again hopefully I can go longer and have a bigger one. 
underwear?where?not here 

p.s. I would like to get at least over 1000 pageview by the time school gets out in a couple weeks so please share this page with others that like to freeball and sleep naked you could even share it with people who aren't convienced yet about freeballing 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

poll for kids under 18

ok are you under 18 or have kids under 18 or friends under 18 have them take this poll
it will be great 

Monday, April 14, 2014

another poll

this poll is on what I should wear this summer

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I have started a parenting poll on mister poll about parenting boys please check it out. 
and here is one about parenting girls
and for you

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ten commandments of freeballing

5. thou shall swim without liners
well from what I hear taking the liner out of the swimsuit will feel so great you will never go back. They have board shorts without liners. I never know that board shorts didn't have liners until I heard it somewhere on a forum that they were complaining that one brand in a surf shop would sell board shorts without the liner and the same brand would sell in a retail store a pair of swim trunks with the liner and they didn't know why they would sell them that way. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ten commandments of freeballing

4. thou shall assume fly is closed
to prevent you package from a public appearance always make sure fly is closed. 

this one is important for all people that freeball

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ten commandments of freeballing

Well I have decided to start a list of commandments that freeballers should followand I will try to post one every once and a while. 
1. thou shall not brag
Well this one is pretty simple even you love it don't yell it to the hills. Just if it comes up its fine to tell but don't start a conversation with it. 
2. thou shall do luandry
This is a given your pants aren't designed to stay clean all the time and well when you fart it may say with your pants longer. 
3. thou shall not try on pants freeballing
This one is because if you put on a pair of pants freeballing in the store it is unhigenic and you don't own them yet. 

Okay so I have more then one today but it was on my mind and I didn't want to forget it. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

small update

well it is going great freeballing fulltime now it has been 2 weeks now and i have enjoy almost every moment of it. i never knew that going camando would be so much fun, comfortable, and easy. i would have done it alot sooner like in my preteen years. having said this i always thought that going camando would mean your pants would get dirty faster, but that is not really the case having nothing between your butt and your pants makes you wipe your butt better and you don't fart as much. i have noticed that after sitting on a chair for long periods of time my butt gets sweaty but this also happened when i wore underwear it just wasn't being absored by my underwear. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

small update

so since my last update i have bought more boardshort the real boardshorts without the liner and afew with the liner because they looked cool i have also bought a pair of trackpants that have the snaps that go all the way up both legs so they can be taken off without taking your shoes off and they look fun to freeball in they are just a plain navy blue 

Friday, March 28, 2014


i have now gone a full week now and a day and love it even more. i started sleeping naked when i first tried freeballing but went back to wearing pajams the other night because it was cold and the fleece bottoms on my naked body felt so soft and comfy i couldn't take them off i did freeball in them. i went back to sleeping naked last night and i would say the fleece was softer. hope to go another week. i have also tried stopping mb to build up a big cum but just can't fall asleep without at least thinking about it. 
p.s. has anyone tried sounding or have heard about it. 
underwear?where?not here

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

freeballing fulltime

i have put my all of my underwear away for good and only take them out when it is way too cold like 40 bellow zero or if i have an interview for a job that requires slacks or a suit. i even toke the linning out of one of my swim trunks but only one to start with just in case i don't like the feeling of not having it there and also my other ones are a bit bigger and i don't want to have a peep show done there. i just want to keep the junk in the trunk and not get embarrassed about what I am wearing or not wearing. 

any one know if wearing compression short is consider freeballing or not. some people say it is some say it isn't because it is basically underwear right. i know you are not suppose to wear anything under them. just want to know. 

i have gone 6 days now and counting

so now i am a fulltime freeballer. 

I'm free! freeballing!

underwear?where?not here

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

board shorts

i have just received a pair of board shorts brand new. they look awesome they have no mesh linner to get in the way they are a bite small in the waistband and they ride up into the crotch i think it might just take some butt exercises and they will fit better. 
it is day 5 now and still haven't gone back to the boxers yet. 
underwear?where?not hear

Monday, March 24, 2014

tips to getting started freeballing

first if you wear breifs switch to boxer briefs or boxers before you go all out 
next if you get use to wearing boxers it is just a small step to freeballing this is best done when you get yourself dressed and not you parents. 
if you want you can try sleeping naked first before freeballing it then you don't have to take anything off from there. 
the earlier you start the easier it will be to go full time
once you have been sleeping naked or wearing boxers for a while you can start by freeballing at home when no one is home 
then just keep freeballing at home until your ready to go out in public. 
then all you got to do is go to school freeballing but be carefull some school have a strict dress code and may not aprove of it. most public schools don't have a strict dress code for everyday but mite have one for PE or gym. 
once you know that you can freeball in school look into trying it in pe or gym. 
don't be shy doing it in pe just act like you have done it forever and no one will notice. you might even convince some other classmate to do it to. as long as you wear a long t-shirt and shorts that aren't too baggy no one will pay much atttention to it. 
once you have accomplished that you can do it fulltime just remember do your own luandry and frequently you don't what your family to know yet unless they allready do it themselves which means what are you waiting for theres nothing to worry about its not the end of the world or anything
underwear?where?not here
p.s. i am going going 4 days strait and can't stop. 
i am enjoying the feeling of denim on my penis and balls and butt

Sunday, March 23, 2014


i pull out one of my track suit pants today to try on. i haven't woren them for years and they still somewhat fit. i'm not saying i would wear them in public but around the house they are perfect. they are an older style of track suit that is a thicker material and softer in the inside much like sweatpants and they are awesome i have a complete suit the pants and jacket. i don't know why the athletic companies ever stopped making them this way. 
underwear?where?not here
bye now 

Friday, March 21, 2014

just read some threads on the internet

okay some i was bored and fun some threads about freeballing. and they seem to all ask when did you start and why and it seemed to my they almost always started quick young or just started after high school. many have said they started because they read in online or saw someone doing it or just hated underwear and wanted to try something else. congrats to all of you who started young and have done it ever since. 
to those who are reading this and haven't done it yet i just have to say one thing just do it already most freeballers have already done it and love it and want go back. i waited and regret that wait it is better then anything the clothing stores can come up with. 
underwear?where?not here

freeballing friday

Its offical i went a full day freeballing.
i when in public fb and even to class and no one said anything. i wish i had started this when i started high school but my parents were watching to closely to what i was doing and they would have noticed it right away. i plan on fb until at least wednesday and see how it is going. 
underwear?where?not here

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Free balling update

if you are reading the and have ever thought about fb or have tried it before or even now someone who has please comment. 
now to the update 
so today i thought real hard about it and decide the i would wait until tomorrow to go out in public fb when my school day is shorter and well fridays are none to some to be freeballing fridays and i will force myself to do it because i don't go until late in the day and its not that long of a day. 
underwear?where?not here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

just a quick survey

Do you go freeballing?
When did you get into it?
and how did you get started?
Do you concider you are fulltime or parttime? 
Do you sleep naked? and if so how often?
how long have you been freeballing it? 
Any advice on the topic?


I am 19 and heard about freeballing the other day and wanted to do some. I have in the past gone camando for a short period of time but never for very long. I normally sleep in pajamas and underwear which I have done my whole life. I have always had briefs up through high school and a couple pairs of boxer briefs. I had 2 pairs of boxers which I rearly wore because I didn't like the material they were made of. The earlies I can remember hearing about boxers was in first grade when I went to the bathroom and one of my freinds was wearing them and he told he loves wearing them. A few years later I was at a friends house and we were changing into our swimsuits to go into the hottub and he suggested I wear my underwear under my swimsuit so I did. and well that meant I either had to go home in wet underwear or camando because I didn't bring any extra pairs. Well I went home camando style and loved the feeling that the pants I was wearing had on my naked privates. Since then I have gone camando a few times in my house and have on occassion gone naked to bed.
The summer after I finished high school I had an apparment to my self. and was making some money. so one day when I was bored I decided to go up to target and bye some things while I was there I saw some underwear on sale and decided I would try out some boxers. And to be safe I picked up a pack of boxer breifs too. I knew if I didn't like the boxers I could wear the boxer briefs which I have had a few in the past and loved them. and I saw some running shorts with a liner in them on the clearance rack so pick those up too and they were the right size. I then started wearing boxers from then on. I even sometimes in the evening I would walk around my apartment in just boxers which was fine I lived and the second storey of the builing and there was only 3 windows and it got hot during the day while I was gone.
I then moved out to live with some family near the college I was going to attend in the fall. I stayed with boxers and started wearing the boxer breifs every once and a while. and did so though the whole long winter. as soon as it became time for summer break I went home and for some reason i went from boxers to boxer breifs very quickly it mite have been because I was wearing shorts the whole summer. and didn't want the little kids next door to see my junk when I was building something outside. and now i have been back to school I have got back into wearing boxers. I came across some thing called freeballing and decide to give that a wurl. so yestureday after supper I did and love it.  I even went to bed naked which lasted until 4:30 in the morning when I strated to get cold so I grabbed a pair of pajamas and put them on without underwear and slept until i had to get up for school. I went a full 12 hrs freeballing and I really wanted to go to school like that too but decide to give it a day or so to. as soon as i got home from school I when and took off my boxers and still do. I plan on going tomorrow to school freeballing it.
sorry about the long post I had a lot to say
anyone out there a fulltime fb