the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

board shorts

i have just received a pair of board shorts brand new. they look awesome they have no mesh linner to get in the way they are a bite small in the waistband and they ride up into the crotch i think it might just take some butt exercises and they will fit better. 
it is day 5 now and still haven't gone back to the boxers yet. 
underwear?where?not hear


  1. Keep on freeballing, man! There's nothing like it - and no reason not to. When your gf finds out, she'll love it -- but look out for where her hands go . . . (and don't be hesitant to let her see -- at least, feel -- the results!

  2. just to let you know i don't have a girlfreind right now but have thought about asking a certian someone out but shes kidaof not my type.

    1. You still are OK; when girls discover - the hard way (pun intended) - that you're freeballing, exciting things can happen. Hope you'll be ready for them - and her!

  3. The best time to Free Ball is when you go out in Public, say near the early daytime, when it is nice outside, like the Beach, the Pool or anywhere. The main thing is not getting caught, by both Kids, Men and Women.

    Freeballing should not just be for getting Women to look yet, also Men as well. Some Men & Women don't like to see Men Free Ball in any Sports Gear. I think guys should always freeball with out being in fear of being called a Pervert. There is nothing wrong with Freeballing, if you're Bi, Gay or Str8.