the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I am 19 and heard about freeballing the other day and wanted to do some. I have in the past gone camando for a short period of time but never for very long. I normally sleep in pajamas and underwear which I have done my whole life. I have always had briefs up through high school and a couple pairs of boxer briefs. I had 2 pairs of boxers which I rearly wore because I didn't like the material they were made of. The earlies I can remember hearing about boxers was in first grade when I went to the bathroom and one of my freinds was wearing them and he told he loves wearing them. A few years later I was at a friends house and we were changing into our swimsuits to go into the hottub and he suggested I wear my underwear under my swimsuit so I did. and well that meant I either had to go home in wet underwear or camando because I didn't bring any extra pairs. Well I went home camando style and loved the feeling that the pants I was wearing had on my naked privates. Since then I have gone camando a few times in my house and have on occassion gone naked to bed.
The summer after I finished high school I had an apparment to my self. and was making some money. so one day when I was bored I decided to go up to target and bye some things while I was there I saw some underwear on sale and decided I would try out some boxers. And to be safe I picked up a pack of boxer breifs too. I knew if I didn't like the boxers I could wear the boxer briefs which I have had a few in the past and loved them. and I saw some running shorts with a liner in them on the clearance rack so pick those up too and they were the right size. I then started wearing boxers from then on. I even sometimes in the evening I would walk around my apartment in just boxers which was fine I lived and the second storey of the builing and there was only 3 windows and it got hot during the day while I was gone.
I then moved out to live with some family near the college I was going to attend in the fall. I stayed with boxers and started wearing the boxer breifs every once and a while. and did so though the whole long winter. as soon as it became time for summer break I went home and for some reason i went from boxers to boxer breifs very quickly it mite have been because I was wearing shorts the whole summer. and didn't want the little kids next door to see my junk when I was building something outside. and now i have been back to school I have got back into wearing boxers. I came across some thing called freeballing and decide to give that a wurl. so yestureday after supper I did and love it.  I even went to bed naked which lasted until 4:30 in the morning when I strated to get cold so I grabbed a pair of pajamas and put them on without underwear and slept until i had to get up for school. I went a full 12 hrs freeballing and I really wanted to go to school like that too but decide to give it a day or so to. as soon as i got home from school I when and took off my boxers and still do. I plan on going tomorrow to school freeballing it.
sorry about the long post I had a lot to say
anyone out there a fulltime fb

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  1. Your willingness to experiment, and having gone through several kinds of underwear (I have an underwear fetish and wear all kinds - when I don't feel like freeballing), sure sets you up for more and more freeballing. At some point, either by conscious decision or just discovering because of what you've done each day by preference as you dressed that morning, you'll go full time. The feeling of freedom in only boxers is so great that shucking them when you put on jeans or anything else is incomparable. Chances that anybody will find out -- and complain if they do -- are so miniscule that it's not worth the worry (or fear).