the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

just a quick survey

Do you go freeballing?
When did you get into it?
and how did you get started?
Do you concider you are fulltime or parttime? 
Do you sleep naked? and if so how often?
how long have you been freeballing it? 
Any advice on the topic?


  1. 1) Yes, but only occasionally. Usually at weekends and in the summer when wearing shorts.
    2 & 3) Just did it one day - put on a pair of answer the door and the underwear stayed off for that day. Thanks to the internet I was encorage to try it more often.
    4) Very much a part timer - only about 20 times a year
    5) Sleep naked every night - only way to sleep.
    6) Very much a late starter in my mid 30'
    7) Free ball and enjoy it as

    1. Now a part-timer, maybe only 2/3 of the time . .. or 3/4 (like right now as I'm writing this.
      First time was about 10 or 11; like you, my parents watched so I couldn't do it often until college; then became avid part-timer.
      Still do it all I can except in dress slacks (can't afford frequent cleaning bills . . .)
      I sleep naked, have since college (did it some then) when I got on my own. Getting up naked makes it easier to freeball for the day, it seems.
      Been freeballing since 6AM today.
      Advise: try it, you probably will like it -- a lot. A lot of guys do, check out the freeballing blogs and sites; probably a lot more do who aren't on them (just read them secretly).