the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Friday, March 28, 2014


i have now gone a full week now and a day and love it even more. i started sleeping naked when i first tried freeballing but went back to wearing pajams the other night because it was cold and the fleece bottoms on my naked body felt so soft and comfy i couldn't take them off i did freeball in them. i went back to sleeping naked last night and i would say the fleece was softer. hope to go another week. i have also tried stopping mb to build up a big cum but just can't fall asleep without at least thinking about it. 
p.s. has anyone tried sounding or have heard about it. 
underwear?where?not here


  1. Congrats on the full week of freeballing. Is it still exciting - some of the time, at least? It will be for a while, especially in new situations; gradually it will be as much a way of life as wearing socks and you won't give it a second thought - unless you remember how good (and sometimes erotic) it feels, compared with the old days.

    Sleeping naked does eliminate that body-hugging layer of insulation -- that's the price of the freedom. A friend told me about fleece sheets and I got a set a couple years ago. They're especially gratifying if the room is cold and you don't have an electric blanket: when you slide in, you don't feel the cold that you do even with flannel sheets (which I've used since before I left home for college). You might check them out. I got mine at Costco; don't have any idea where you are or if you have Costco in your region, but check the discount stores especially in the Fall.

    Haven't heard much about sounding, but I think I'd approach it carefully. If you know a good doctor, preferably an urologist, with whom you can discuss it, you might want to. It could be really erotic, and it sounds like it just thinking about it, but you need to be sure there would be no long term damage.

    Good luck on saving up for a larger load of cum; I seldom get past 3 days. Of course, that still gives more than twice a day. Anybody have any idea how long a guy should save it for a maximum load? When you get used to it, by the way, sleeping naked - for me - still is erotic but does diminish the "I've-got-to-do-it-now" urge to masturbate. Just softens it a bit, does not remove it.

    P.S. Any idea why there aren't more guys on this blog? It's neat here.

    1. i was just wonder about sounding not very interested though and i don't know why there are more people commenting on this blog

  2. Dude, Did you mean why there are NOT more people commenting on this blog? You've got such a nice openness about your experiences and your feelings that guys should be all over it. Aside from the note on the FBForum (which is how I found you), have you put out any other notifications that this exists?

    There must be millions of personal blogs online; there must be a way to lead more of us freeballers here . . .

    Anyway, keep it up. I'm enjoying it at least as much as you do writing it, just wish - like you - that there were comments from more people.

    Hey, if you are one of the "more people" reading this, why not give him a message? It's easy to do and sure will encourage him!

  3. Congrats on the first week ! Keep up with it and you'll soon be full time :-) Enjoy the learning experience and the feeling of hanging free.
    Don't get too hung up on the nude sleeping thing - just do it as and when you feel like it. Like lots of guys you may find that what starts as the odd night here and there n the colder weather becomes every night during the summer, by which time it's second nature and you won't want to go back to wearing clothes in bed

  4. Well said, Bustur!
    Dude, just keep on doing what feels good - and enjoy it!