the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Story time

I haven't posted here in a while but I have been busy. So this may be a long post but I have a lot to say. 
First of all I got a job drafting. It's basically in the middle of nowhere. It's 8 miles from any town. I have moved into an apartment with a roommate/co-worker. It's a small apartment but it will do for now. I have gotten rid of some of my underwear mostly boxers. I am still hanging on to the rest for a while. Also on the parents note I think my mom know that I don't wear any underwear and so far she hasn't complained about it. On the day that I was moving out she asked if I was wearing any underwear and instead of just saying that I wasn't, I asked why would you ask that. She said that my shorts were giving me a wedgie. Which I know they weren't but to please her I put on a different pair. She didn't say much about it later but that was the first time she ever said anything about it. On another note I have not told my roommate that I go without underwear but I don't want to say it. Eventually once we are better friends and can talk about stuff like that then I might. 
On another note I have been freeballing everyday to work. 
A topic on the freeballing forum reminded me of a story. I don't know if I have said it here before and if I have I am sorry. I have more details now. One of the first days of school in first grade we were all going to the bathroom at the same time. Now a description of the bathroom is that it is old the urinals were built into the floor so that anyone can use them. There was also no dividers between them. I was going pee I pulled my pants down and underwear down as you would at that age. I was wearing briefs a classmate came up next to me pulled his pants down he was wearing boxers pulled his penis out of the hole in the front and started peeing. He asked me why I had briefs and I said they are my underwear. He then said that he wears boxers and that I should get some. At that time I only knew about briefs but this idea of boxers kept popping up in my head. It would be a while before I got me boxers but I didn't know how to wear them so I put them on over my briefs that wasn't comfy at all. So I put them aside for bed. It was quite a while before I learned that you don't wear briefs under them. Once I did it was a great feeling but I didn't do it very often. Once I got to my teenage years I wanted to wear boxers more often. The only thing was that I only had two pairs that were very childish. I did wear them whenever I could get away with it. Once I turned 18 I bought a pack of 7. It was great finally to have my own boxers. I had an apartment to myself so in the evening I would wear just my boxers. Eventually I got to the point I was wearing them everyday. I was very curious to what would happen to my balls if I were boxers everyday. So I started a journal of it I didn't notice much difference but my balls felt free. They also hung a little lower than when I started. 
Once I started freeballing I was curious to see what would happen to them and sadly I have to say that I haven't seen any other changes. Since now that I am on my own soon I will be getting rid of all my underwear. And eventually sleeping naked too. 
A have been a bit more daring like one day before I moved I had to go to the bathroom and I was sleeping naked so I went out to the bathroom naked. That was fun. 
Just yesterday I was taking a shower and I had forgotten to grab my towel so I had to go from the bathroom to my bedroom naked and only had my pajama pants to cover my penis. I was very awkward to do that but I had to I was wet and had no towel. I think I might try not bringing my pajamas to the bathroom and wearing only my towel to the bedroom. This week I think I will try to sleep naked. 
If I can go a one more month freeballing I will get rid of more of my underwear permanently.  I will take a photo of them before I get rid of them and post it on here. I have not decided which ones to get rid of and how many of them. I may keep the boxers that I have left to wear alone but I might also get rid of them. If you want to see pictures of my wearing only my underwear please let me know what type of underwear in the comments bellow. I have boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, and compression shorts. 
If you have any stories of your own post them in the comments or on the forum. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Camping trip

I know it has been a while since I last posted on here and I have been busy around the house. But finally it has gotten to a day where the weather is just rainy. So I thought maybe I should write something on my blog about what has happened since I last posted which most of it hasn't changed and nothing new has really happened involving Freeballing. Up until the last couple of weeks. 
A couple weekends ago my sister and her boyfriend's family invited me to go camping with them so I did. As I was packing for this camping trip I decided that I would not bring or wear any underwear on the trip which was new to me because ever since I started Freeballing I have always packed underwear. It was an amazing feeling that you don't have any underwear with you. I made it through the weekend without any problems or questions about it. Then this past weekend I had to help the move into their apartment which as it was going to take all day pretty much to move them in we were going to stay over night so I had to pack clothes for the next day. I packed underwear because I didn't know how much we would get done the first day and having to carry boxes all day I didn't want to have sore balls so I wore so nice boxerjocks boxer briefs from under armour. I am glad I did because it was a lot of walking. All of this has got me into thinking about getting rid of my underwear. As sad as it is to get of them after spending a lot of money on them I think it's about time to. The only thing stopping me from throwing the in the garbage is that they are nearly brand new. I might have to either sell them (the under armour ones) or give them to someone. I don't think I will be getting rid of them anytime soon but if I get a job and have to move into my own place they will be the first things to get rid of. 
If anyone has a good camping story that involves Freeballing please share. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

It is a much healthier lifestyle to freeball than it is to wear underwear. I have done research on both and have yet to find a reason related to a mans health that would benefit from wearing underwear. I have read many people's posts saying that going without is unhygienic but most of them are from women who don't know that germs and bacteria grow better in warm damp areas. 
I have had a father who was in the Marines which basically they give him clothes to wear including underwear. Now here is the funny part they gave him boxers he is not a boxers guy. He is a white briefs guy. He is also large and hairy down there. He hasn't been in the military since he married my mom like 23 years ago so he has put on a few pounds. 
I love my dad very much but he isn't that up to date with fashion so I don't like being seen in public with him. Even though he doesn't freeball, he is partly the reason I freeball. Mostly because I didn't want to dress like him so I started to buy my own clothes and underwear. As I was looking for a more comfortable pair of underwear I came across freeballing and read that it was more comfortable than any pair of underwear. I would have to agree with that so far I have yet to come across a pair of underwear that I have tried that even comes close to the freeballing comfort. 
I have not told any of my family that I freeball even though I think they have noticed the lack of underwear in the laundry this year. Last year I was more careful and every time I took a shower I put a pair of underwear in the dirty clothes. This year I haven't been but I do every once in a while run a few pairs in the laundry just because. Hopefully soon I will have my own place and be able to get rid of my underwear once and for all. And maybe even go nude around the house. 
The only thing that I have noticed around the house is that the guys have been showing more butt crack lately. I think my brother is trying to be more like me because one summer between college semesters I wore basically only boxer briefs not that is pretty much all he wears for underwear. I think he would like to be wearing boxers but my mom is kind of against them even though she didn't care that I wore them when I first moved out at 18. 
Okay now I have rambled on for a while. I am proud of my dad for taking care of us even though my mom did most of it. He still tries to make time for us in his bissy life. 
On a side note I have got a pair of mesh shorts that the inner mesh is falling out so maybe one day I would try to wear those. 
Here's an update on what I have been doing lately I pretty much freeball all the time I have slept naked a few times I also have been trying not to masterbate every night. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

summer is finally here!

so its summer I have completed my degree in computer aided drafting. I have been freeballing the majority of the time. The weather has been weird like one days its cold enough to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt to the next day it is freaking hot out. I have bought new shorts to wear. I will say this I like this store that I have found its close to home and they always have a sale going on. the stores name is rue21. they are different than most other stores. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The end of college

I will be graduating here in a week and was thinking I should do something different in my life to make it feel a lot more like I have accomplished something in my life. Other than freeballing, I have yet to feel like I have changed alot. since I started high school. I still dress the same other than not wearing underwear. I wear a watch all the time even though I always have my phone on me. I did however change the type of glasses I wear from metal frame to more of a acrylic frame. I think I might change the style of socks I wear from crew socks to no show or low cut socks. even though that sounds like a small change to me it is a big change because I have never worn any other type of socks. I will be going back to work on construction for this summer so that will be fun. shorts are a must in the summer so I will be hinging free. 
A little update since last night I kinda hurt my penis last night and it was sore and the only way I could relieve it was to wear underwear. So this morning will I was getting dressed I put on a pair of these jky by jockey boxer briefs with a H front and they feel so soft I like them but I still can't stand the feeling of having my boys tight up agaist my body. once it gets better I will switch back to freeballing hopefully by Tuesday morning. just a tip make sure that you penis is inside completely before zipping up. I caught might very fast and didn't do any damage but it still got sore. 
the pajamas to nude sleeping process will begin tonight. I am going to twick it a little depending upon where I sleep when I get home. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

whats up

okay so I have notice that I have not posted on here since april 20th. I have been freeballing 24/7 but I haven't been sleeping naked because I have been trying to see how long I can go without mb. I made it almost a week before I mb again. I noticed that if I am wearing some pajamas to bed I am less likely to mb. so that is why. I have also decided that I will slowly transition for pajamas to sleeping nake by once I go a week without mb I will not wear a short to bed then after another week I will wear boxers instead of pajama pants then after another week I will be naked. hopefully this will only take a few weeks. it is going to be summer and I will be tired at night so I think I will be able to fall asleep quicker. 
here are some more pictures of me in swimsuits

Monday, April 20, 2015

an official update

if you find a username that is Dude19 on other websites other than network54, govteen, misterpoll or google blogger. its not me. I have no Twitter account or YouTube account with these names. I may sound strange saying this but I recently did a search on my username and a bunch of other websites came up and I wanted to make sure people know that its not me on those sites. If I get other accounts that I will like to share with you I will let you guys know on here and no where else.
by the way if you are using my pictures on here for pleasure please stay off. This blog is not a site for that type of people. It is for more for me to get to know people like me and to get people interested in freeballing. 
One last little note here if you are not honest with your comments I can tell. for example if you say you are about my age and are a naturist/nudist like me I know you are lying because no where have I said that I was a naturist or a nudist. also if your name comes up in comments more than once in a matter of a weekend and I don't get a good feeling about you I will do a search on you to figure out who you are and weither or not I can trust you. but that is just on here anything else I don't worry to much about. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Its been about a week

I haven't been able to do much posting lately but have been on the forum a few times. One of the things that I have been talking about on there is freeballing in a robe. It is a way to get one step closer to being nude and I like it alot. 
The other day I was watching tv and one of the commercials was asking being if they wore underwear and I was like where are they going with this one of the people said they never wear underwear of course it was a nurse in scrubs that said it but what I thought was weird was it was not ever for anything related to clothing or even toilet paper. it was for the new chevys that send you emails about what it is doing. crazy right. I don't know who they have for advertising but I have a feeling he/she freeballs. so many commercials out there that are bringing awareness to freeballing. can't wait to see what's next. 
In other news it is getting warmer out like in the 70 degree rage. but a cool down is expected soon and possibly snow. I hope it doesn't snow here. I have thought about braking out the shorts but I haven't yet. 
on the job hunt I have been working on finding a job for when I am done with college. I would like to stay where I am at for living, because it has a boat and it would be fun to go out fishing on weekends or after work. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

sleeping naked update

I have been sleeping naked lately and enjoy it very much. It is one of those things that once you start doing it on a regular basis you can't stop doing it. I was one of those people that slept in my pajamas and underwear for as long as I could remember. When I was living on my own I had started sleeping in my boxers but that only lasted until I moved back home. When I moved back home I went back to sleeping in pajamas and underwear but then it was my boxers. after I started college I was wearing boxers most of the time and so I got rid of my briefs so my underwear would fit in one draw. getting rid of the briefs was the easy part because they were whity tighties and I had out grown them. once I discovered freeballing I also tried sleeping naked which I had done once in a while but never went so far as to get in bed naked and in the morning get out of bed naked. since I had my own room I could do it. I went a few nights here and there naked. I like it but then came summer break and I had to move back home so there went the sleeping naked. I went back to wearing pajamas but this time without the underwear. That was a completely different feeling that I liked. but as the summer ended and college started back up I wanted to get back into sleeping naked so I would go a few nights naked and it was strange to go back. I liked it as much as before but it took some time getting back into it. now I have been going to bed everynight naked and making a habit out of it. I did have a problem in the past where I would have to get up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and since the bathroom was on the other side of the house I had to put on my pajamas to get some water. but now I have found a solution for that I got a nice soft robe to wear. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thinking about getting rid of my underwear

I have noticed that I don't even think about weither or not to wear underwear. I just don't even grab it anymore. Pretty soon I might just get rid of it all together. The only thing holding me back is that if I get rid of them all to quickly I will regret it later. Some of the underwear that I have I bought and they were not cheap. all of my underwear is still in good shape. I also have put on some inches around the waist since I got them. I noticed last night while I was taking a shower that I am getting a potbelly. I remember in high school having a six pack. I know it's still there I just got to workout more. It is nice to be able to wear jeans without a belt every once in a while just to make it more interesting. 
If you liked the photos I posted last week and would like to see more please comment bellow and will get some more posted. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

young people freeballing

I read the other day a post on the freeballing forum of 6 year old son who for lent gave up wearing underwear. I think it is great to hear about young kids discovering the comfort of freeballing. I think the younger you start the more people around you accept it as being normal. now whether he continues to freeball or not it is still remarkable that at that young of an age he is willing to go without underwear for 40 days straight. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Summer is getting closer

I am going to do something different in this post from my other post so bear with me. 
First I will like to point out the differences in swimwear for guys. 
Boardshorts are swimsuit that are loose on the skin. They do not have any nesh brief sewn in on them. They also typical don't have an elastic waistband to them. They also are longer in length then swim trunks. Typically they can be worn either to swim, surf, or hang out at the beach with no problems and they can be worn just as shorts on a hot day. 
Swim trunks on the other hand have a mesh brief in them. They also have a elastic waistband to them. The length of them are usually shorter. Most of the time they are worn for swimming and on a beach or pool deck but are not usually seen as an alternative to shorts. 
Swim briefs also known as speedos are a brief style swimsuit that is used mostly for competitive swimming and diving. In other countries they are used as a primary swimsuit. Some guys like to wear them in more public places. 
Swim Jammers also known as jammers are a cross between boardshorts and swim briefs. they are worn for competitive swimming. they are more modest in there length and are seen more as a public option. 
square cuts are like breifs and jammers as they cover more than the brief but still have the shorter length than the jammer. They aren't as common as swim briefs and jammers but are highly stylish. 
Rashguards are shirts that are used in swimming and water activities. They are more recent invention of some sort. Made of a material that doesn't let uv light through. they have become a weapon of choice for parents who want to protect their children from skin cancer. 
They are many other things that are used as swimwear but these are the basics. 
Now here are my tips for choosing they right swimsuit. 
First concider what you are going to be doing most. Like if you are going to be on the beach mostly then a boardshort or swim trunk will be better. but if you are going to be in competive swimming then either a swim brief, a jammer, or a square cut will be better and you can decide from there based on other swimmers. 
Next concider your body type. If you are on the chubby side a swim trunk might not be a good choice as they have an elastic waistband which will cut in. but a boardshort also usually doesn't have a mesh brief in them to keep the goods from popping out. Now if you are on the skinny side you can go for almost whatever you want. As far as height the longer legs of boardshorts go a bit better when you have long skinny legs. 
Next see what you like better. go to a store that has different types of swimwear and place to try them on. but my advice is to get as many different types as you can and see what works for you more. once you have found one type you like you can get more of them. 
another tip about swimwear underwear is not to be worn under them. underwear of any type is not designed to handle water very well. chlorine in pools will damage underwear and cause them to fail early. underwear also doesn't dry out as quickly as swimwear so they will be wet a lot longer causing shrinkage and chaffing. 
one last tip is to wear sunscreen when outside no matter your skin tone. but you also should get some natural sun rays to boost your vitamin D. 
for parents your son should be allowed to go shirtless in the summer whenever he wants to and for your daughters let them wear a bikini it is not a sexual thing to be in a bikini. and really if you allow boys to go shirtless then they girls should have an equivalent to that. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

sleeping naked once again

it's been a while since I've slept naked for a couple nights straight. but last Wednesday night I decided to get back to sleeping naked so I did and it was great then on Thursday night I decided I would do it again and it was even better. last night I did it again and wow what a difference that makes. I just have to not mb for a while until I get use to the sleeping naked. 

I have also started to wear my foreskin retainer more often. I have thought about getting a device but haven't decided which one to get and they are so expensive I don't have the money to buy one yet. 

one last thing today I am coming close to graduating just over a month left and I will be done with college. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The past year on review

Here is a recap on what has happened over the past year first thing is that I started freeballing and immediately enjoyed it. It took some time to get use to doing it everyday and it was fun. I also started sleeping naked but didn't get use to it very quickly. as school came to a close I had returned to my underwear once again. but shortly after I went back to freeballing once in a while. I then had moved back to my parents house and started wearing them again. after a few weeks of being home I told myself I need to get back to freeballing so I did and kept doing it for the rest of the summer. During the summer I decided to start restoring my foreskin so I worked on that. as schoool came I kept on going I was not going to stop again. I also tried to start sleeping naked again but it took a little more effort to get use to it. soon the cold weather started and that gave me a choice either freeball or wear underwear I went with freeballing and soon it got much worse and I had to wear something or my balls would climb back in and not come out. so I decided I would wear long underwear for those extremely cold days. I had found these extremely comfortable long underwear that I could wear. but every chance I had to go freeballing I took. holidays started coming around and I had to make a choice either tell my parents I freeball and get rid of my underwear completely or make sure they go through the washer. I choose not to tell them. as holidays ended I went back to school and kept on freeballing. I also tried sleeping naked again but that wasn't so easy. I made a resolution that by the end of the year I will be sleeping naked and freeballing fulltime and so far I haven't worn any underwear since newyears. but have only slept naked a handful of times. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Closing in on a year

Well it has been an amazing year of freeballing so far and I will like to tell you guys more about my history of underwear and freeballing and being naked. Some of these stories I may have mentioned in past posts or on the freeballing forum as Dude19. but I would like to get a more of a timeline of my experiences over my life time. 
In kindergarten I found out about boxers. I was at the urinals with for some reason when all the way to the floor and had nothing in between them and a classmate of mine came up next to me and put his pants done and I noticed the his underwear was differen then mine. so I asked what is that and he said it was boxers and that I should wear some. I said cool and we went on our own ways. I didn't mention it to my mom but in the back of my mine I could not get the idea of wearing boxers out of it. 
A couple years later I meet this girl with blonde hair that was so cute and sweet I started hanging out with her after school and for birthday parties. She had a nephew that was the same age as me and one time we were at her house and we were changing into our swimsuits to use the hot tub and he had convinced me to wear my underwear under my swimsuit so I did, but as we were getting our clothes back on I realized either I would have to wear wet underwear home or go without so I when without. I think I changed back into underwear as soon as I got home but I can't remember. that was the most fun I had up to that point. 
Within the next few years my mom had switched my underwear from white briefs to colored ones she also had got me a pair of 2 cartoony boxers that I could use to sleep in. It was great having boxers but I was told that I could only use them to sleep in which was better than what I had been wearing to bed which was a shirt, underwear, and pajama pants or a footie with underwear. I didn't wear them much only because I didn't want my penis coming out of the opening. Later on I realized that they were in fact boxers. 
Over the years I had tried a few times to go without underwear but I just couldn't bring myself to doing that which in my head it felt as if I was breaking a law or something. I kept at it seeing how long I could go before I just had to put them back on. 
My mom had then decided to buy some boxer briefs which was great they didn't cut into my crotch or anything. I had almost completely switched to boxer briefs. I loved the length of them and that if I wore them lower It was almost as if they were boxers but without the bunching of boxers. 
When I was about to hit puberty I had tried to wear the boxers as underwear a few times and it was weird. they weren't soft like briefs but gave the coverage that I wanted. I would wear them as much as I could at home and around the house. I kept them for years I still have one of them in my draw but I don't wear it anymore. 
During one summer I went on a week long summer camp for Boy Scouts and one of my friends was a swimmer one the swim team back home. I was not a good swimmer. During this week we had an triathlon of some sort which involved canoeing, swimming and running and each troop had their own team which any of the scouts could participate in a part of it. Now he had his swim jammer on which I thought was extremely cool and wanted one of my own and thought that if I was wearing one I could be as good as he was. Another time I went up there I noticed more scouts wearing them. 
Once I hit puberty I was all into boxer briefs but slowly they became worn out. My mom decided that to save money and which me and my brother back to briefs which I hated because by that time I was in high school and no one wore briefs. They all had either boxers or boxer briefs. I saved my good colored briefs and boxer briefs for days we had gym.
Sometime during high school my mom wanted the bathroom repainted and she told me to do it and I had a full day to myself all alone to paint the bathroom. she said since I would be the only one home for the day I could do it in my underwear or even naked which in my mind was like fun. so I got out all of my painting supplies and the paint and stripped down to only my boxers and got to work. I had painted many times before but always with someone so clothes were a necessity. but this time I was all alone and could wear as little as I wanted. once I got everything taped off I could start painting and as I started painting I decided to lose the boxers and go all out naked. So I finished painting completely in the buff washed up and put my clothes back on before anyone came in. It was the most fun I had painting. 
in my last couple of years of high school I started to try to sleep naked every once in awhile which was fun. I didn't do as much as I wish I had but my senior year I had my own room and was able to do it a lot more but the room was in the basement and it was not heated. 
Once I finished high school I went to live in an apparent while I went to a school to teach me how to live on my own which I thought was really dumb. my mom had taught me everything I needed to do to live on my own. but while I was there I went to a conversation in texas which was awesome but before I went I had bought this pair of jammers to wear under my swimsuit. I always wanted one to see how it felt to wear in the water so when I was there every time I went to the pool I would put them on under my swimsuit. This kinda made my swimsuit a little more loose but it also made it harder to see through since the suit was white wish blue Hawaiian flower pattern on them. It made it feel very weird but I liked it. 
Once we got back I decided to go up to target to get somethings and as I was there I found some boxers on sale so I was like I always wanted to wear boxers so I picked up a pack of them but I also wanted boxer briefs so I got a pack of those to and as I was going through the men's department I spotted these compression shorts which were also on sale so I looked around for my size and the colors I wanted and pick up a couple of those too. I then was looking through the shorts and found this pair that was on clearance and it had a compression shorts built right in them so I picked them up to and a compression shirt. I then finish my grocery shopping and went to the checkouts. All together it equaled about $75. 
Once I got back to my apartment I opened up the boxers and tried them on and it was awesome. I then tried sleeping in just boxers and that was even better. So I started spending my evenings in just my boxers which made it very fun. I was thrilled to finally have enough boxers to last all week. I also wanted to wear compression shorts too so every once in a while I would wear them around but it wasn't as thrilling as being in boxers. 
Once I finish there I went back home for a couple of weeks and kept wearing the boxers. Then I started college and I kept wearing my boxers summer which was difficult to wear them then because I was doing a lot of building which involved me moving round a lot and the boxers would creep up and bunch up making it uncomfortable to wear so I had switched to the boxer briefs. They also kept my package from getting tangled up or sore from all the movement. but once college started back up I swithed back to my boxers. I stayed that way until I read about freeballing. I took it as a challenge to go without underwear for as long as I could and the rest is in the other posts.