the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Monday, April 20, 2015

an official update

if you find a username that is Dude19 on other websites other than network54, govteen, misterpoll or google blogger. its not me. I have no Twitter account or YouTube account with these names. I may sound strange saying this but I recently did a search on my username and a bunch of other websites came up and I wanted to make sure people know that its not me on those sites. If I get other accounts that I will like to share with you I will let you guys know on here and no where else.
by the way if you are using my pictures on here for pleasure please stay off. This blog is not a site for that type of people. It is for more for me to get to know people like me and to get people interested in freeballing. 
One last little note here if you are not honest with your comments I can tell. for example if you say you are about my age and are a naturist/nudist like me I know you are lying because no where have I said that I was a naturist or a nudist. also if your name comes up in comments more than once in a matter of a weekend and I don't get a good feeling about you I will do a search on you to figure out who you are and weither or not I can trust you. but that is just on here anything else I don't worry to much about. 


  1. More than happy for you to check me out, here is my Facebook if that helps you.

    1. paul I have done all the searching I need to do on you. I also know that you are not as young as you portray yourself as being. You work as a professor in a university in aussy. your bold and most likely gay or at least that is what I am getting from your tumblr.

  2. I am not a professor, I work as a storeman in a warehouse in Australia, I am gay, and I have only ever said my true age of 47 almost 48, though people often think I look 10 years younger.