the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Friday, April 10, 2015

sleeping naked update

I have been sleeping naked lately and enjoy it very much. It is one of those things that once you start doing it on a regular basis you can't stop doing it. I was one of those people that slept in my pajamas and underwear for as long as I could remember. When I was living on my own I had started sleeping in my boxers but that only lasted until I moved back home. When I moved back home I went back to sleeping in pajamas and underwear but then it was my boxers. after I started college I was wearing boxers most of the time and so I got rid of my briefs so my underwear would fit in one draw. getting rid of the briefs was the easy part because they were whity tighties and I had out grown them. once I discovered freeballing I also tried sleeping naked which I had done once in a while but never went so far as to get in bed naked and in the morning get out of bed naked. since I had my own room I could do it. I went a few nights here and there naked. I like it but then came summer break and I had to move back home so there went the sleeping naked. I went back to wearing pajamas but this time without the underwear. That was a completely different feeling that I liked. but as the summer ended and college started back up I wanted to get back into sleeping naked so I would go a few nights naked and it was strange to go back. I liked it as much as before but it took some time getting back into it. now I have been going to bed everynight naked and making a habit out of it. I did have a problem in the past where I would have to get up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and since the bathroom was on the other side of the house I had to put on my pajamas to get some water. but now I have found a solution for that I got a nice soft robe to wear. 


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  2. I am also a full time Freeballer and have been for many years, I don't even own any underwear. I have a freeballing tumblr if you are interested

  3. Great photos, I have slept naked since I was 10 years old. I just one day decided I wasn't going to wear anything to bed any more and have slept naked ever since. I notice that you shave your body but not your armpits I was wondering why not shave them too? I shave everything from the ears down I find shaved armpits reduces body odour, plus it looks good and feels awesome.

  4. I do like to shave my armpits I just haven't shaved them since last fall. I might shave them soon because it is getting a little warmer out and the odor is less of a problem when they are shaved. plus that means I can go shirtless every onnce in a while.