the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The end of college

I will be graduating here in a week and was thinking I should do something different in my life to make it feel a lot more like I have accomplished something in my life. Other than freeballing, I have yet to feel like I have changed alot. since I started high school. I still dress the same other than not wearing underwear. I wear a watch all the time even though I always have my phone on me. I did however change the type of glasses I wear from metal frame to more of a acrylic frame. I think I might change the style of socks I wear from crew socks to no show or low cut socks. even though that sounds like a small change to me it is a big change because I have never worn any other type of socks. I will be going back to work on construction for this summer so that will be fun. shorts are a must in the summer so I will be hinging free. 
A little update since last night I kinda hurt my penis last night and it was sore and the only way I could relieve it was to wear underwear. So this morning will I was getting dressed I put on a pair of these jky by jockey boxer briefs with a H front and they feel so soft I like them but I still can't stand the feeling of having my boys tight up agaist my body. once it gets better I will switch back to freeballing hopefully by Tuesday morning. just a tip make sure that you penis is inside completely before zipping up. I caught might very fast and didn't do any damage but it still got sore. 
the pajamas to nude sleeping process will begin tonight. I am going to twick it a little depending upon where I sleep when I get home. 

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  1. Wow! Having to wear ANYthing to bed . . . poor guy. Hope you have the freedom to sleep nude really soon. Enjoy the better sleep when you do.