the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Monday, August 4, 2014

8 weeks strong

so as you might be able to tell I have been freeballing fulltime for 8 weeks now. Some I forget that I am freeballing until I go to the bathroom and not have to deal with underwear. 
now just a random question what bothers you the most about other peoples clothing choices? 
mine would have to be those guys that sag their pants enough to see their boxers. but sagging pants only doesn't bother me much its when the their pants are so low they vanc't run without pulling them up. 

I would also say that those people who insist on wearing underwear under their swimsuit or any other thing that should not be worn with underwear like compression shorts and bike shorts also bothers me about the same. 
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  1. To unzip and have everything immediately handy when I got to the bathroom is kind of a surprise for me too. But the most noticeable reminder for me that I'm freeballing is the sudden shift in weight when I turn or move a certain way. It's really noticeable when I'm horny. Then I can almost hear the thud when it hits my thigh.
    As for annoying clothing choices, I would say shirts or blouses designed to show off a bare midriff, it's just not flattering on any one who doesn't have ab muscles to show off. And sandals! Most feet aren't good enough to look at in the first place but when I see bare feet with long pants it just wrong.

  2. The sagger "look" is so weird.... It is like they are showing off their asses, but not!... And, saggers are always grabbing their crotches and pulling their pants up. It looks so lame.

    The other day I saw a sagger running to catch a bus... His pants fell down, he stumbled on them, and he missed the bus... I laughed so hard!... ;)

    1. another reason to buy a belt and wear it right I grow up having to wear a belt because of my size. even though I don't pull up my pants all the way they are high enough that my choice of underwear or lack of it can not be determined from the rear view or while sitting.