the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

first official sighting

well the other day as I was working on my homework in the school cafeteria I over heard a conversation amongst some nursing students and heard the words that well caught my attention and they were that one of them was noting wearing any underwear. even though they were girls I will count it as a sighting. 
now that I have written this I have realized this wasn't my first sighting, my first sighting was one of my sister's friends on occasion didn't wear underwear but I never heard it from her. or even noticed it. this time I heard it right from the horses mouth. I have yet to spot a guy freeballing that I can confirm but I have my ideas of some who mightbe a freeballer mostly because one day when I was working construction we had the radio on and the song free falling came on and he he called it the freeballing song. and yes I looked it up it is not freeballing it is actually free falling and since I found that out I want to just correct everyone I hear saying it that is not the real title or lyrics to the song. now back to my point, he then asked one of the other guys if he ever went freeballing and he said no. I almost felt like I should have said something but I didn't want it to come back around to my mom since she knows the guy I was working for very well. I wanted to ask him but didn't really want to know that much. 
as far as my 100 day challenge I have hit 135 days now as of my sleeping naked I had to take a few nights off because of where I was sleeping. but I am back to sleeping bucknaked I even have been taking my class ring off to sleep which for me is new because since I got it the only times it has been off my finger is when I am taking a shower or doing the dishes or wearing tight gloves. I am not going to restart by challenge for the fact that If every time I wore pjs I restarted it I would not make it past two months.
here are some of my pictures of my compression shorts for you. 

I have just ordered a TLC my skin cone and hope to have it within a week to start using it for my restoration. 


  1. like the dark blue shorts
    what's the TLC for
    I cut the liner out of my high school mesh shorts and walk the beach almost daily

    1. the TLC is a foreskin retainer that does not require any tape. as far as mesh shorts goes I don't look good in them so I don't wear them very often.