the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm back

Well it has been a while since the last time I posted here but I would like to announce that my freeballing is back so far I have gone a full 2 weeks freeballing and I am not stopping for any reason. I did notice that someone commented on a post I did earlier that I could cut out the crotch of my underwear and wear them. I thought about that for a while and at first it I thought it might work then I started remembering some issues that boxers have when you bend over. The first being that if the waist band is slightly higher than your pants each time you bend over the back slides up and then when you get back up the pants push the rest up causing the annoying bulge of underwear above your back which is only limited by the crotch giving you a wedgie. Which means that if you remove the crotch there is no limit to how far it will go which would mean if you are not careful your whole underwear would be above your pants. Then I thought maybe it would work in boxer briefs but I came up with the same conclusion. And it also wouldn't work in briefs either. 
So then I thought more about it and if there was a way that would allow you to wear underwear but still hang free. My first idea is to cut out the front of some boxer briefs where the fly is but leave the rest intact therefore when you bend over your behind would stay covered and when you get back up the rest of the underwear would prevent the pants from pushing it up. You would have the ease of just unzipping and whipping it out to use a urinal. You could probably start with a small hole and work your way up to the whole fly. It could work on briefs as well. 
I have some plans on moving to an apartment in a little over a month. I will have a roommate about my age there too. It maybe fun for try being nude there first starting out when he is working. Then slowly transitioning to most of the time especially during the summer month to lower the cost of cooling and laundry. The only downside is that since this will be his first apartment and his parents would be close by and as most parents are when their kids move out they may pop in randomly. I know when I had moved out the second time I didn't really have to worry that much about them popping in unannounced since it was a long drive for them so they usually gave me a notice ahead of time. 
As far as my foreskin restoration goes I plan on ordering a device soon and pretty much wearing as much as possible. I would like to have some noticeable results by mid May. Once I get the device I plan on working more on that until I get my desired results. 
As far as me freeballing it at work well I have been for the past 2 weeks so I think I will continue it. And as far as my underwear goes I was actually planning on getting rid of some today but I read the comment about cutting the crotch out and decided that I may cut some of the boxer briefs up. But as far as the boxers I will keep them for the apartment to wear alone. I maybe able to convince my roommate to switch to at least boxers instead of his white briefs he has worn his whole life. I will keep you posted on anything that come out of it. 
Now I would like to know the percentage of males in the u.s. That freeball on a regular basis and the percentage of male who have ever gone commando. Now I am will to bet that a large majority of males have gone commando at least once in their lifetime. But on the other hand I don't think there is a large percentage of males that go freeballing on a regular basis. Now why am I saying this is because I believe that every male person at some point in time should try going without underwear at least once. I know that there are some religions that prohibite it and I understand that would cause problems but even then there are loop holes that would allow you to freeball at least once and that would most likely being going swimming. 
This brings me to another point I would like to bring up now I have noticed lately that a lot of men and boys have been wearing underwear under their swimsuit to go swimming and I don't know why anyone would wear something that doesn't dry quickly and gets ruined by chlorine underneath their swimsuit. Now I would understand it if you were wearing board shorts as shorts. I also think that if you had no swimwear to wear swimming you could either wear your shorts without underwear or just you underwear to swim in. Now you may get looked at for doing so but hey you got to make it work some way. 


  1. Never wore underwear under a swimsuit or pajamas. Switched from PJs to underwear for bed around age 9. Mom officially not thrilled. At 11...and under the influence of my best friend...decided to ditch the undies in bed. Mom came in one morning to find my underwear on the floor which meant...I was naked in bed. Mom definitely and visibly unhappy. At 12 mom picks me up from a friends with my sister in the car and insists that I try on shorts she just bought in case we have to take them back. Mom goes a little crazy...but ultimately decides its not worth the constant monitoring lol.

    1. My mom I think decided the same thing. And aren't best friends the best influences. I had a friend long time ago that got me to not wear underwear one time and I liked it. I don't remember why I didn't just continue going without from there but eventually I got back into it.

  2. My brother is doing the restoration thing. (I don't need to.) He says that the 'stretch' is the most important part of the process.

    1. First of all you're lucky it's uncommon that one sibling is cut and the other is not. Second your brother is correct the "stretch" is the most important part of restoring without it you are not doing anything.
      I have one question does you and your brother freeball?
      I am willing to bet that you being uncut had influenced him to restore his. A friend of mine that was uncut influenced me to restore mine. You may not have even every talked about it before but for me all it really took was seeing it a few times and I wanted one back.