the art of freeballing is practiced by some men by not wearing underwear under their pants and commonly reffered to as going camando.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A note to readers

I know a lot of you probably freeball on occasion or have thought about it. Now I would like to say for the point of this post is the establish the grounds on what freeballing is not the definition but what is it. I like to say that it is a lifestyle that some live. I have also referred it to a life choice and a clothing option or choice. 
Now sleeping nude is easy it's a lifestyle if you do it all the time. But if you only do it if you run out of pajamas it is a clothing option. 
Freeballing is different because there is so many reason to why someone will freeball. So do it because it is more comfortable than wearing underwear. Some do it because that is how they grow up. And some do it to be sexy. Some do it so that the boys can stay healthy. Some do it because they are a bit lazy in the morning and run out of time to put on underwear. Some do it because like with every thing else the price goes up and it gets harder to convince yourself to spent the insane price for a piece of clothing that only you and your partner most likely be the only ones to see them. All of these reasons are good reason to freeballing. 
On a another note the other day my mom came home from target and she had found boxer briefs for $2 and so she picked up a pair for me and my brother. Now I was a little surprised that she picked up a pair for me because she hasn't bought me underwear since I turned 18, over 4 years ago. Plus for the past couple of years I have been wearing more boxers than boxer briefs. I have thought about just not wearing them but she will eventually find out. Plus I don't want to just get rid of them because she did spend money on them. But at the same time I don't want to wear them because then it would mess up my stomach again. 
On the topic of me freeballing again I had gone up to the weekend freeballing then I had to move one of my sisters into my other sisters house so to avoid the freeballing topic from coming up I just went ahead and wore some boxers. But I went back to freeballing on Monday. I hope to someday be back to freeballing full time. As for now it is a day to day challenge on whether or not I can hide it. 

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  1. I think you worry too much about being found out to be a freeballer or caught freeballing. I don't own any underwear, and have not worn any for years. I have never been found out to be a freeballer and basically I would not care if I was, I am pretty open and am happy to tell anyone that I never wear underwear. As for being caught freeballing I have never been caught ie my parts showing. I often wear very short athletic shorts to work and in public and I have never been caught and I am a shower not a grower. I work as a storeman in a warehouse, my work involves a lot of bending, squatting and lifting. I think to be caught you have to be deliberately showing or at least being not self aware of the movements or activities that are going to flash more than is socially acceptable. I believe that in order to be caught freeballing a person needs to be deliberately looking for it except in the instances i mentioned above. So if they are deliberately looking for evidence of freeballing then they obviously are not against freeballing as a lifestyle choice.

    I think if you want to freeball just do it, life is short and you can't live your life in a way just to keep others happy, or let fear choose your lifestyle. Everyone knows I freeball because I have made it public knowledge and no cares in the slightest not even when I wear the tiny shorts I have linked above.... I love those shorts so much I have many pairs, they are sold without a liner so there is nothing to be cut out in order to freeball in them.

    So, I just wanted to encourage you to live how you want to, and to live the lifestyle you choose without worrying about others opinions or of fear of being caught or discovered to be a freeballer.